Bike-riding Mantis Illusion

I have to say I’m still under shock after reading what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut (USA). My heart is broken, and I can’t seem to understand how such horrible things are even possible. What is happening with our species?! I also read how pro-firearms lobby suggests that every teacher should be allowed to keep firearms in their class (for protections)?! Are those lunatics for real? What makes you think this wouldn’t cause another incident??! I for one wouldn’t feel safe sending my kids to school where teacher keeps a gun in his desk. All this literally makes my stomach hurt. Owning a gun should be heavily regulated, like rest of the world does it – period.

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  1. I understand the reaction by many, particularly those who want no guns in pubic hands. Americans do not own guns to shoot people. The very, very, very small number who use firearms for mayhem are disturbed and might just do their malice with other instruments of violence if guns were not available. Now, to offer some suggestions, let’s restrict the purchase of these large cartridge magazines. Secondly, let’s require all owners of multiple guns to buy and use gun safes. Will this stop all crazys from doing harm? Probably not, but it would help.

  2. Not every teacher. Just those a few at each school who undergo extensive background & mental health checks & training. Israel and a few other countries do it and it has shown a massive drop in jihadist attacks on those schools. The problem is not guns. We’ve had them here for over 250 years. The problem is the moral decay and failing mental health support system we have. A tragedy nonetheless.

    1. And what better tool for a society awash in moral decay and untreated mental illness to express itself than the gun?

    1. When is the time? It seems that we always hear this stupid line every time (every week?) when this sort of thing happens. The only reason to own an assalt weapon is to be able to kill more children ands shoppers.

  3. Your site, your right to put forward your views but, wow, if the criminals don’t obey the laws on guns now, why would they obey more laws? My kids are grown but if I am ever blessed with grandkids I would feel so much better knowing there were law abiding citizens ready and willing to protect them. Those poor heroic teachers could only try to hide the kids and in a last ditch effort cover them with their own bodies. Give law abiding citizens the right and the means to protect themselves. And remember it isn’t just guns that can be used for mass killings. Wasn’t it a Russian kindergarten that lost a bunch of kids to a knife wielding attacker?

    1. While I agree that the loss of life in Connecticut was horrible and horrific, I cannot agree on any gun control atance whatsoever. It makes no sense. Control the guns and only law abiding citizens will be unarmed.

      I think politicizing tragedies such as these contributes to the inane amount of knee-jerk legislation that we already have…and it in no way provides a solution to the problem at hand.

      Thank you for the great site and keep those illusions coming.

    2. I don’t think it’s wrong to debate these kind of topics.

      If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the shooter also “law abiding citizen” only day before the incident? His mother could also enter the shop and purchase weapons, no questions asked. Am I right? I think similar would happen if weed was to be legalised – sure, it would bring in more taxes and lower the power of cartels, but it would also be easier to get it and would also be more widespread. In the end you would have much more people smoking weed (I won’t go into debate would this be good or bad) it would just be more accessible and widespread which is my point on firearms question.

      However, I take into account that I come from a different culture and different surrounding. I’m perfectly aware I might have a different view on “freedom to own a gun” question which I understand is much more pronounced in your country. Still, rest of us living in different parts of the world, we see America as an advanced society and powerful nation. But I still think on some isolated issues, such as this one – we have a better system in Europe.

    3. It was in China and there were no fatalities.
      A gun would have served the would-be killer much better.

    4. Let me ask you this question, and I really want a true answer from all of those who defend their rights to carry arms so dearly. Do you think there would have been a chance that some or most of the people would have been saved if it were a knife instead of a gun used? even if he only had a single shot weapon, the numbers would have been much lower. Ever other industrialized nation out there has much lower numbers as far an deathes due to firearms. People are not saying that have to take the right away, just set reasonable limits as to what you can have in the house to protect yourselves. Your protecting your family, not mounting an army.

    1. It’s a mantis on some fiddleheads. It can look very much like a mantis on a bicycle.
      Maybe not so much.

  4. Your site was interesting, but your naive social commentary finally got to me. I know you are a well meaning Christian person, but I would urge you to resist the political commentary and simply pray for healing. I am positive it will be more effective than your rhetoric.

    Best of luck.

    1. C. Lyndsey said “Your site was interesting, but your naive social commentary finally got to me. I know you are a well meaning Christian person, but I would urge you to resist the political commentary and simply pray for healing. I am positive it will be more effective than your rhetoric.”

      Seriously?? Let’s not talk about it, let’s just pray… because THAT’S going to solve the problem.

      Give me a break.

    2. Ho ho, Vurdlak! Good thing you’re not a well meaning Muslim or Jew or you would really be in trouble.

  5. I really wish people would consider the actual data surrounding gun ownership laws and not make judgments based on emotion. In states that have the strictest gun control laws there is much more violent crime. This is a proven fact. Criminals will always get guns regardless of the laws….they don’t care about the law. The only people who won’t have guns if guns are outlawed will be the law abiding citizens. When criminals have to fear that the person they try to mug might have a gun they tend to not attack so readily. Statistics show this to be true. It’s kinda like the drug laws….just because they are illegal doesn’t keep people from using them…drug abuse is rampant. It only keeps people who don’t want to break the law from using them. Washington has some of the strictest gun control laws and they also have one of the highest rates of violent crime. The two go hand in hand. Take guns away from law abiding citizens and violent crime goes up. Also, the first thing that a corrupt government always does is take guns away from people. We have the right to bear arms to specifically prevent abusive governments. There’s my two – four cents worth.

    1. Well I’m not sure where you get your numbers from, or your info. Truth is your laws are FAR more lax than any country out there, other than third world nations, and the US had over 10,000 gun related deaths last year as where most other countries had under 100. I live in Canada and we had 52. Can you explain the difference?

  6. I must say this, we do have regulations and restrictions regarding firearms, they just need to be enforced. Secondly, guns do not kill people, people do. Are we going to ban cars because people drive intoxicated? of course not, are we going to ban box cutters? you do remember that box cutters were responsible for killing 3000 people on 9-11… or was it the people that did it? I submit that we have failed in morals, not laws.

    1. The purpose of a car is transportation.
      The purpose of an assault weapon is to shoot people.
      The comparison is either naive or disingenuous.

  7. aha my mom was complaining bout those crazies wanting more guns – ‘if the janitor had an ak47 it wouldnt of happened’ – riiiiight
    but dont be so quick so diss our species
    ‘humanity is the most evil creature’; bullshit, most species kill, many wage war and some even murder in cold blood (lions, elephants, chimps)
    the only thing that stands out about humanity is that we have a group conscience which we use to enforce what we deem moral – generally a good thing, just not when it fosters attitudes such as those widely held in the states and other poorly educated peoples

    1. I’m not sure I agree with you… animals kill for food and it’s the nature’s circle of life. When lion isn’t hungry he drinks water next to gazelle. I don’t find this morally wrong nor see it wrong. I’m not some kind of vegan freak or nihilist, and I have nothing against us eating other animals, but when you think of it – we kill animals for trophies, luxury clothes, fun…

      One of the most scary thoughts I ever heard, one that made me froze is – “when you think of the most scary thing in the world, what one human could do to another, it’s happening somewhere in the world right now”

    2. and there in lies the problem – the lack of understanding people have.
      the line that only humans wage war is utter nonesense.
      Documented wars and murder have been seen in chimpanzee populations.
      Lions will kill but never eat any hienna they happen see.
      Elephants have been documented to exact murderous revenge upon individual persons.
      and on and on

      furthermore im sure theres no one at this very momment … well i can think of a number of explicit things, but no need to mention them
      the point is that line “worst thing happening somewhere” is propaganda like the rest. yeah bad things happen, so do good ones. you cant overreact to incidences. granted, the situation in the states is a little more messed than anywhere else. mainly the media, also poor education…
      but consider this; the police in scotland have no guns, so criminals have no need for them. guns are quite rare in scotland.

  8. Don’t go social media on us.
    This is a great site and keep it that way.

    It is YOUR site and you can do as you wish, BUT we are free willed readers (visitors) and we can do as we will, be it stop visiting if need be.

    Yes the horror in Conn. awful, but PLEASE don’t stand on your soap box and preach your ideas about it in here.
    Thank you

  9. I don’t want to debate politics. I was just mad after hearing all of this what happened and couldn’t turn a blind eye and ignore it! Specially knowing how in the USA people can just enter supermarkets and purchase guns like it was candy.

    Making this process much stricter and harder perhaps wouldn’t prevent crime, but would certainly reduce the chance and easiness of it happening. Teachers across nation are also humans with all their flaws. Arming them and putting a firearm in their hands… not smart in my opinion. What if the next person going dark was a teacher?!

    I’m not 100% sure, but I believe these kind of incidents don’t happen in Canada, Europe etc. specially at this occurring rate!

    1. You cannot buy guns as easy as candy. You do know that don’t you? If not then your commentary is not very accurate and based mainly on emotion.

    2. You say Europe has a better system – I’ll agree, as long as you are talking Switzerland. Everyone owns a gun – mandatory. Crime is pretty much non-existent because everyone knows that everyone owns a gun. Kind of shoots the theory that more guns will cause more crime. Israel is open carry everywhere. Check their crime rates. Compare Texas to Washington D.C. Also, concealed weapons save thousands of lives every year. Just do some REAL research instead of buying the media.
      Other bit – psychotic drugs were as much at the root of this as the guy who stole the guns from his mom. Will we push to outlaw those?
      So sad. SO many innocent lives lost. If the principal would’ve had a gun and been trained to use it, he would have stopped the guy cold, instead of being shot for getting in the way.

    3. Evil always finds a way to kill and destroy. Look at China with the knife slasher. What about the camp in Norway? It’s easier to look up how to make a bomb than to buy a gun (not in “supermarkets like candy”). If you have kids you love, you want to protect them. If that meant arming a sane and rational teacher or school security guard to prevent another tragedy – then I’m all for it. The “teacher going dark” comment is dumb because if a teacher did, they’d kill via any means possible.

  10. The pro-gun people are finding their rationale for supporting the current arms regulations in the US increasingly strained. Over 10,000 US deaths from guns last year whereas in the UK where you cannot own a gun there were less than ten last year.
    The reason you are being asked to be thinking about healing rather than politics is because the pro-gun mandate look more unpalatable each time a number of school kids are murdered by a gun man. Speak your mind, Vurdlak. Debate is and opinion is the currency of change.

  11. I’m tired of living in fear of the gun lovers.
    It’s time to take our country back. I grew up shooting guns. I own guns. I’m disgusted by them now. I know mental illness is the real issue, but we’ll never stop that. We need to mitigate the damage that a violent person can do. You stand a chance of running from a madman with a knife…not much if he has a Bushmaster.

  12. I usually don’t comment especially after an emotional event. But people should not keep blaming gun owners and supporters. Mexico has some of the most strict gun laws anywhere and it is one of the least safe places to visit. Please calm down and think rational.

  13. If I got three wishes from a genii, I would have all explosives cease working for any reason whatsoever, swiftly followed by all alcohol being negated, and knives only used for food preparation – for any other use they would instantly become cardboard. Would this stop people killing each other? No, but it would cut the numbers hugely. As this is not going to happen, we must pray for common sense to reign, while praying for all the families so hurt and devastated by this dreadful incident.

  14. Guns kill, flowers don’t (ok, some eat insects;). Increasing the number of guns available just will rise up the chances of a tragedy to occur.
    Costa Rica was the only country in the world to have abolished its army. North Korea it’s all we know (aside what is hidden from the rest of the world). Let’s see who feel more safe the next years. I have a guess…
    Nice flower and bug, ready for a ride!

  15. I had relatives that live in Israel many years ago. Their children went to schools in which every teacher carried and was trained to use UZIs. They were there to protect the children. Just saying!!

  16. “I don’t want to debate politics. I was just mad after hearing all of this what happened and couldn’t turn a blind eye and ignore it!”

    If you don’t want to ignore a tragedy, you can write “I feel sick to my stomach and my prayers go out to the affected people. Instead, you wrote “Blah Blah Grrr Grrr – period.” Which shuts down half of your American audience instantly. It makes them (us) not want to visit your site anymore.

    1. This “alienating half your American audience” comment paints such a sad picture of us. Putting a “right” to own guns before the right to live? Hopeless.

  17. ummm please keep your politics out of this please. this is a lovely site, and I kinda have a bad taste in my mouth because you got so political. but in response, I think that freedom should come first. In a free society, like America, citizens must have responsibility. tragedies like these could be prevented by an armed teacher who could take the gunman down. Unfortanately, some people (like you) would like to take away our second amendment rights, which allow us to be responsible for our own safety. and Vurdlak, Americans can’t just buy guns “like candy”. We do have strict gun control laws: a person can’t own a handgun if they are under 21, there is a 5 day waiting period to buy a handgun under the Brady Bill (which also doesn’t allow convicted felons to own guns.) Gun control only stops the law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves… criminals will just go to the black market to furnish their needs. Cindy has some more insight on the actual statistics of gun control laws…

    1. Bad taste in your mouth?
      I recall hearing about children complaining that all the 9/11 attack coverage was interfering with their tv entertainment.
      How old are you again?

  18. Nice site, but save the the “we do it better in Europe” business. That’s not an editorial, but a soapbox. Remember the slaying in Norway? Didn’t they have gun control?

    1. Yeah, that happens every couple months in Norway.
      Oh wait, they really DO protect their people better in Europe than we do…who knew?!

  19. I agree that laws are for the lawless but only adhered to by the law abiding. Those who do not adhere to the law will still find a way to obtain and use guns. It is definitely not just a question of law but a much more complex one of morals. The separate question of mental health is limiting as it only takes a second to snap from reasonable to unreasonable. A quick response to this tragedy, will not solve the problem…the solution should be well thought out and implemented with some common sense

  20. When we were kids we played like western heroes on the tv. Our weapon of choice was index finger and the thumb action for rapid fire. Each shot was followed with a “Blam-Blam” sound effect and maybe my brother would fall down.
    Many years later my old college pal and co-worker became despondent and put a gun in his mouth and killed himself. It was the gun that killed him not his finger on the trigger.
    I enjoy this site and let’s enjoy the illusions and leave the discourse above out of it!

    1. Powerful example,
      but “…let’s enjoy the illusions and leave the discourse above out of it!”
      Why did you post?
      Just curious.

  21. For your consideration:

    ” Two people are hospitalized after a gunman chased terrified restaurant patrons into the lobby of the Santikos Mayan 14 movie theater during a showing of “The Hobbit” last night, 1200 WOAI news reprots….

    He opened fire, shooting one man in the chest, before Antu says an off duty sheriff’s deputy who was working security at the theater shot him once.

    “The officer involved, she took the appropriate action to try to keep everyone safe in the movie theater,” Antu said.

    The gunman and the patron are hospitalized.

    Antu says the gunman never made it into the theater itself, thanks largely to the heroic work of the off duty deputy.”

    Read more:…#ixzz2FN6Ek0Hh

  22. I hate to say it but, “see what you started?”

    I enjoy coming to your site and seeing cool illusions but now you’ve opened up my serenity to political soapboxes and bible thumping… is this what you really intended.

    Everyone grieves in their own way but thanks to the internet, everyone has a say…

  23. I have lived in NYC and Arizona on polar ends of the gun control spectrum. I can tell you this. You can trust your fellow citizen with a gun just as you can trust your fellow citizen with a car, just as you everyday trust electricians to safely wire your home, etc.

    What you saw was the result of mental illness. It could have happened if the killer was armed with knives, explosives, fire or his bare hands if he was trained in the martial arts. If only Mayor Bloomberg would put as much energy into helping Hurricane Sandy victims as he did for spouting off about gun control, displaying calorie info in restaurants, smoking in bars this would be a better world. Please enable the decent common man and disable the politician who would control us.

  24. I check the illusions every day- great site, Thanks!.

    The biggest illusion is that the slaughter of innocent children will make any change to the laws.

    Another illusion would be that pro guns or anti guns will ever get together to make a meaningful difference to the kind of society that they want to live.

    The last illusion is that by arming yourself with a gun you are protecting yourself. When you own a firearm you introduce an element of risk into your life and others close to you that never previously existed.

  25. If you find our host’s comments about such a horrible massacre annoying or inappropriate, then apparently it wasn’t horrible enough for you.

  26. Dear Posters,

    If not for the folks who are posting complaints about the host posting personal comments, there would hardly be any posts at all. Just a postmortem.

    Going Postal

  27. If you think guns should be banned to curb violence then surely you agree that news media should be banned from showing the faces of the killer and talking about his life. this probably has as much to do with it as access to guns. als while we are at it shouldnt we hold the parents responsible for not insuring that these mentally ill people are free to walk the streets. This catastrophy was terribe but take a breath and pull in the reigns abit and have meaningful talks about prevention,not knee jerk reactions that are not the solution by themselves.

  28. Remember this next time you’re staring down the wrong end of a gun: Guns don’t kill people. People shoot guns and a hunk of metal comes flying out of the gun really really fast and that’s what gets’em, yessir.

  29. What if one of the loonies is a teacher???
    Give him the licence to have an arsenal in his desk?
    My prediction?
    Nothing of substance will change.

  30. Please stop comparing America to other countries. What works in one country does not always work in another (true of healthcare as well, but thats another discussion). The USA is a country that is created by its history and, sometimes sadly, its legacies. We are a car culture, a sports culture, and a gun culture among others. The American Western, where gun toting bad guys get killed by gun toting good guys, is as iconic a symbol as it is a piece of our history. America invented the revolver. It is a part of what made us great, as well as a part that makes things here rough as hell sometimes.

    The point I am trying to make is I really don’t care what China, Norway, Greece or ANY other nation does regarding guns. We must find what works for America.

  31. Doesn’t matter what the gun laws are in a country, if they want a gun, they will find a way to get a gun. I live in Canada where we have pretty strict gun laws. If I wanted one, I could probably have one tomorrow, for a price.

    Bringing in gun laws will only do so much, it’s in the peoples mind set. years and years of history saying it’s a good idea and it’s their right. You need to teach them too, help them realize that it’s not the only way.

  32. Most of the world looks to america with sadness and disbelief. Even after the terrible and unbelievble murders of the innocent at New Town, there is still debate. First off, change the Constitution to remove the right to bear arms, then remove all the guns in society. It will take time, and all the gun shops will go out of business, but over time there will be fewer and less gun violence. In the UK, police don’t carry guns.

  33. First, NO assault weapon has EVER been used in ANY shooting rampages in the US. NEVER.

    Of all the school shootings that have taken place in our history, there was not ONE time that LEGALLY obtained firearms were used. (I said school shootings.) Of ALL the massacres only one used legally obtained guns and that was in Aurora CO. (and wasn’t an assault rifle)

    The problem I have when people start hollering “stricter gun laws” is that they know very little – if anything – about guns. They think these massacres are done with Uzis and assault rifles. As I said, there has NEVER been an assault rifle in any of the shootings. The AR15 from the most recent shooting is not only NOT an assault rifle, it wasn’t even used in the shooting. It was found in the trunk of his car.

    The process for purchasing one of these firearms that you have to go through is this:

    Find your desired gun.
    Pay the dealer in full for your purchase.
    Fill out the ATF Form 4 in duplicate with the required CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) signatures,
    Get Fingerprinted
    Have photos taken of you
    Show proof of US Citizenship
    Submit ATF Form 4 with a $200 fee (for the Tax Stamp) to the BATFE for approval.
    Wait 90 to 180 days for approval to take place
    When ATF Form 4 is approved, it is transferred to the dealer.
    The dealer calls you to go in and complete Form 4473 and then you can take it home.
    If you were to ever want to transport your AK-47 across state lines, you must complete ATF Form 5320.20 requesting permission from the BATFE and reason for crossing state lines with your NFA weapon (this must be filed with every state you’re traveling through along with your dates of travel.)

    After this process, and filling out paperwork that gives the government everything from your rising sign to the color of your jockey shorts, it would seem quite hard for anyone to obtain one of these weapons without the FBI and everyone else knowing about it. I don’t understand how more laws or regulations or requirements to own one is going to change anything. How does more paperwork for the honest person, making it harder to obtain guns, going change anything?

    Let’s say there are 80 million gun owners in the US. If 10% of them are felons (I highly doubt it’s that high, but for the sake of easy math we’ll say 10%) that means about 8 million felons have guns. These proposed gun laws punish the majority because of the few. How is punishing 72 million because of 8 million right? Our country usually goes by ‘majority rules’, but not in the case of gun ownership. This makes no sense to me. Again, the weapons used in these crimes are obtained illegally. From 1927-1989 there were 16 school shootings. In 1990 the Gun Free School Zones act was passed. Since 1990, there have been 106 shootings. Not ONE of those shootings, not only in Gun Free Zones, but with illegally obtained weapons. Not ONE single school shooting took place with legally obtained weapons.

    AKs, ARs, etc are NOT assault weapons. They are not fully automatic. Assault weapons are. These guns fire one bullet per pull of the trigger. And shorter clips or less rounds? Pointless. Look at the testimony of Suzanne Hupp – who were with her parents when they were killed in a massacre.

    Twenty years ago Kennesaw, GA passed a law requiring every head of household to own a gun. Over the course of the next 4 years, crime went down and has since stayed down. There have been 4 murders there in 20 years. Three were committed in gun free zones and the fourth was a stabbing. Atlanta is the 6th most dangerous city in the United States yet this town, with mandatory gun ownership, that resides in Atlanta is one of the safest.

    Areas that have instituted bans, taken away guns or made them harder to get have consistently failed so badly that the bans are overturned and the one who did the very opposite, 20 years later, are still going strong.

    Those who are mentioning other countries… Yes, a lot of them have fewer gun related deaths, but look at the crime over all. The assaults, rapes, thefts, etc are, in some cases, occur over 100% more often than in the states. As for China, sure – those children that were stabbed and then more kids were stabbed 2 days later – they didn’t die. But for one, there are far worse things than death. I cannot imagine what life will be like for them now – and – look at the laws and the government in China. They have very little rights. Then go and look at Sweden. Some of the very lowest gun crimes and only one mass assault (with any weapon) – and every person there is given a gun at age 16 and taught how to use it.

    The problem isn’t the laws. It’s the heart of the American people. It’s the breakdown in the homes…

    More restrictions or gun laws isn’t going to do anything to deter those who steal weapons to commit murder. It’s effectual as banning murder.

  34. …and to those who say the ‘gun control advocates aren’t giving the country time to mourn the dead…

    I beg to differ. It wasn’t us that went on social media sites and started touting gun rhetoric. It is only in defense of what anti-pro-gun people post and say that we bring it up. But somehow that makes us the bad guy…

  35. Guns should be heavily regulated? I beg your pardon, but guns ARE heavily regulated. I was in the military, was awarded an “expert pistol” ribbon, and still had to wait a week while the local police department checked my background before I could purchase a 9mm to protect my family. I’ve shot it exactly once – at the target range. I have training and am working on a concealed carry permit. Do you honestly believe I’m doing this so I can contribute to the carnage? Of course not! I’m doing it to protect myself and my loved ones from those who would inflict the carnage upon us!

  36. So, if he had walked into that school with explosives attached to his body loaded to a detonator without being noticed at all, what do you think the outcome WOULD have been??? What are we to do then, ban fertilizer and ammonia or other chemicals???
    Put the blame where it needs to be. He was a sick individual and I have a feeling someone knew it and did nothing to help him or paid attention to him.
    Guns don’t kill people, just like cars don’t kill people! It takes a PERSON to operate these devices!

  37. I hope Vurdlak will still be posting his personal comments on world news.

    As for myself, I like it to read how people find one example incident and post it as bulletproof (:D) evidence of them being right.
    Some people even use countries ruled by drugs cartels or wars as a proof of evidence of their opinion.
    Blaming the wielders of the guns instead of the presence of the guns is a nice view. But please don’t make comparisons with things like cars. It makes you look stupid and your argument weak.

    I personally would like the USA to drop their gun fanaticism and make an effort to cleans their land of guns. But not for their sake, for ours.
    It’s effecting our societies as well. When your neighbour is full of violence, even when you do not come to his house, if you keep living next to him it’s a matter of time for getting punched.
    But with the USA, I don’t want my neighbour to get less aggressive, I want him to go away. Because he’s ignorant for the rest of the world it is infecting.

  38. I used to enjoy visiting this site, but this atmosphere and the attitude of trolls like Jack LoCastro is disgusting.

    You can see the divide between cultures quite clearly. Our people express themselves politely, while theirs rant, rave, and insult us without provocation.

    I second JB: “I did not come here for politics or news; I came here to get away from it for a bit. Thanks for nothing.”

  39. The president and his followers want guns dune away with. OK, lets start by asking every politician, including Mr. Obama to get rid of all those around them and there families who carry guns for there protection. Fat chance !!!! If they have the right to protect them selves and there families So do the rest of us who call our selves Americans. What the government is trying to do is unconstitutional. Yes Killing is wrong, but, once our protection is gone we will have no way to stop the crazy people,thieves,and murders who don’t follow the law any way, from taking what they want from us and those we love. Then Rape, murder, and more cruelty will take place by those over us, yes even the government. To think getting rid of guns will stop murder and crime Is a fairy tail, and we better walk up to the real reason they want to disarm Americans.

  40. Guns in the classroom is not a good idea. If the teacher has a short temper, he/she may start firing at the kids every time someone shoots a spitball at the teacher’s head. What is wrong with our government?

  41. When you think of the most
    scary thing in the world,
    what one human could do to another,
    it’s happening somewhere,
    in the world,
    right now”

    Now that’s deep.

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