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By on April 14, 2011, with 24 Comments

Bar Size Optical IllusionAs I said already, this is one type of an illusion I love sharing the most! Simple, beautiful, and still puzzling. Exactly what true optical illusion should be like. It is as if the question asks itself. But for those without experience, I’ll be polite and put the question in words – Which one of the two middle white bar sections is taller? The illusion also trigger the question, whether one of them is actually thinner/fatter? Boy, these really reminds of old times when we had such great illusions to start this blog with! From our experience, the answer also comes by itself! They should probably both be identical, yet solely by looking at the image on your right this seems almost impossible! Let us measure them separately and come to our own conclusion… so what is it?

I’d just like to remind you how great percentage of illusions posted here was originally discovered by you! So keep sending your marvelous creations and discoveries, and if they’re good enough, I’ll make sure they’re presented to everyone! Just please be objective when judging the illusion before you send it in!


24 Responses
  1. diane says:

    I see the left Thimmer ahd the right fatter.

  2. Yusif Azari says:

    lol they’re the same

  3. Care Bear says:

    It’s not the size of the bar that counts, it’s the quality of the drinks and the friendliness of the bartender.

  4. Jákup says:

    can’t see the difference :/

  5. lilkuti says:


  6. jazz says:

    the right one has the bigger bar and i think their both the same width

  7. Muzic says:

    It’s the same size both of them

  8. nicool says:

    ya i checked it it is the same size

  9. Muzic says:

    its the same size

  10. ZL123 says:

    Coolio! Classic, but Coolio!

  11. Darm58 says:

    Not only taller-shorter amd thinner or fatter but also closer and further.

  12. Sean Loh says:

    They are of the same size and the two middle white bar sections are the same length too.

  13. Dolphin says:

    I saw it. Our minds see the middle part not nearly as long on the smaller bar than on the bigger bar,because it makes more sense to our minds for the bigger one to have a bigger middle than the smaller.It’s just depends on what your mind wants to see in it,although once you see what it really is,there’s no going back.

  14. diane says:

    do the comments not work ;-(

  15. Danni says:

    Yeah but i mesured with a ruler and they r the same ;)

  16. karman says:

    there both the same only the 1 black one is longer

  17. Sabeans says:

    I think it’s stupid

  18. lmnkjhl says:

    the right 1 is fatter

  19. jordan says:

    you know we all clicked on that girl to see ‘the shock’ and i cant find it!!!!

  20. emily says:

    the white parts are the same size and height. i measured them vertically and horizontally because i wasn’t so sure, but they are the same.

  21. Pikachu .-. says:

    It looks like the right but is obviously same size :3

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