Bamboo Impossible Triangles Illusion

My pal Rick sent me this simple photo of impossible triangles formation. This impossible construction sure looks Escher inspired, do you agree? I actually needed few minutes to figure it out. You presume it’s two triangles trapped in an impossible way, but actually it’s only one continuous line if you follow it closely. What was more important for me to announce in this post, is that Google finally accepted our “Magic Trick of The Day” gadget, and added it to its collection of most popular gadgets. You can get it from here, and simply add it to your Google Homepage. Well, this should make our Mighty Magic Tricks website little more famous. Watch out in following days for new exciting things to happen!

43 Replies to “Bamboo Impossible Triangles Illusion”

  1. You could make that shape easily, the top right end would have to stick out the back, but you could make it look 2D and it’d work.

    I Think =S lol
    anyway cool illusion.

  2. Well, it certainly is an illusion, but I don’t think it’s “impossible.”

    I just tried bending a straw in that shape, and it worked. Maybe I didn’t follow the shape right?

  3. why was this on the website, it’s not an illusion at all, it’s just a random bamboo loop thing (first comment WOOT)

    1. they say impossible bcuz when most ppl c it for the first time, they think its 2 triangles connected in an impossible way. but then they realize its just a continuous line, and tht it IS possible. “impossible” is just a first interpretation.

  4. This doesn’t look too impossible to make, just difficult. Bamboo is a malleable substance.

    Does look cool though…

  5. “I actually needed few minutes to figure it out.”

    Minutes? It took you whole minutes to figure this out? [* smirks *]

  6. why do you people care if you are the first to coment? and why do you say you are the first 15 minutes after someone else posts the REAL first comment? idiots

  7. I knew it was a continious line when i first saw it without looking at the comments. still it’s pretty impressive.

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