Bad For Your Eyes!

Look what just landed straight to my mailbox! I think this public service announcement is more than clear – staring too much at your TV (or any monitor surface, in fact) can do some bad things to your eyes. I never get tired of these anomalous motion illusions. Specially when they’re fine as this one! How about you? Think we had enough of these, or should I continue posting them here and then? Don’t forget to send more good stuff our way!

29 Replies to “Bad For Your Eyes!”

  1. Nice about this one is that you not only get the impression that the dots move around, but also that the shapes of some dots you are not looking at are diagonally stretched and their position irregular.

  2. I personally love these anomalous illusions, so I say keep ’em coming! I think this one moves more than any other I’ve ever seen!

  3. Keep the illusions coming. TV is bad for your eyes if you watch for 8 hours at a time, day after day. We are in no danger from enjoying the illusions you send in your emails.

  4. This is brilliancy, the way things are moving in accordance with the direction of your eye’s I’d say that be ware of the optical illusion its always what you seen but it can change in time.

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