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By on June 17, 2006, with 62 Comments

Summer is here, never the less here’s one illusion that reminds us of Autumn. I’m personaly more of a summer type, but beleive it or not, some people prefer Autumn… there are even Winter-type of people! Never understood them, but hey, it’s free world! Isn’t it? The question is: do you see falling leaves or young girl, sleeping there calmly?

Autumn Motives


62 Responses
  1. Archie411 says:

    I see both
    But if you say a sleeping Naked girl people might get intersted

  2. meh says:

    I saw the leaves first.
    And then I saw the
    girl between the leaves.

  3. Max says:

    At first I looked at the picture and saw leaves and thought what’s so special about this image. Then I read the description and noticed the girl.

  4. Mike says:

    I was looking for a face, not a full body. The between the leaves hint pinpointed her.

    Summer? Last on my list. To damn hot.

  5. Alex says:

    I couldn’t see a girl at all until I saw the comments.

    I agree, if you say the girl is naked you’ll find more people seeing that first.

    And I happen to be an Autumn person.

  6. Nan says:

    She doesn’t look asleep, she look more like dead to me.

  7. Kahlúa Macarena says:

    both! :)

  8. Hai says:

    i like summer more

  9. rachiiii says:

    i see both 2 itz weeli gd 1 dis iz

  10. Varini says:

    Pretty good. I found the girl pretty quickly

  11. rudolph says:

    at first i thout i saw a hand now i see the naked girl

  12. samba says:

    she looks dead!!! joke i’m a autumn person

  13. roseline says:

    i did’nt notice the girl first. Only after reading the comments i found her . she is between the second and third leaves.

  14. dude says:

    where is her head? Oh i am a WINTER perison

  15. random says:

    i see a sleeping girl and leaves but can you see the dog

    and i like winter

  16. l says:

    i saw the leaves first then the girl

  17. Lea says:

    i wish the title wasn’t autumn motives, because then you’re more likely to see autumn leaves, but if you call it young naked girl, people see her first (and you become a different kind of web site)

  18. Nomis says:

    Also if u look at where the head is suppose to be {left} it kinda looks like a finger…or it could just be my eyes…

  19. theConundrumm says:

    winter person….

  20. girl atttracting magnet says:

    i looked at it then read meh’s comment and now i can c it. i looooove nude girls

  21. crazy girl says:

    I saw the girl first then the leaves

    I love Winter I hate summer it is so damn hot

  22. Pandas says:

    yes. btw, autumn person. :)

  23. Sammy Girl says:

    I saw the leaves but its hard to see the girl.
    I agree that calling it Autumn whatever makes it hard to find the girl

  24. Anonymous says:

    Only fatties are winter people, of course they think summer is too hot, my advise is get to a gym

  25. Tori says:

    I like summer because of the break from school and the vacationing, (I’m a 8th grader) winter for the snow and snow days, and fall because thats my birthday time. Also winter for Christmas and Hannaukah. Why do all the hidden women have to be naked? So many artists are SO porny…

  26. Anonymous says:

    I see that the girl has no head. Oh! I am a Summer people on Winter and a Winter people on Summer; or it is damn hot or damn cold.

  27. yanka says:

    ohhh, i c it, and i am,too, an Autumn person, you get so sticky and hot during the summer

  28. Anonymous says:

    its obviously a dead naked girl between some giant dead leaves. everything in thie picture is dead. im a summer person.

    -Randomocity strikes again!

  29. Labbed says:

    I see the girl, the leaves and a bird facing left. Ha!

  30. Anonymous says:

    it was cool but as i started to say autumn motives about 10 times fast i started saying automotives
    2 illusions in 1

  31. ariella says:

    wow. that’s really beautiful…and it’s so subtle i couldn’t see it at first.

  32. greeneyedspark says:


  33. BellaStarlight says:

    I like the illusion I think you’re supposed to see the leaves before the girl.

    by the way I like spring best,as it’s not too hot, not too cold, the air is clean, and the grass is soft, but no one else has said spring yet.

  34. Betsy says:

    I saw her butt crack first, then the leaves, then her hair

  35. Stony says:

    I can see 36 naked girl !!

  36. Anonymous says:

    this is not an optical illustion its just a picture.

  37. **~**AAAQueen**~** says:

    Where do you live Max??????????????

  38. Detective Kitty says:

    I saw only the leaves at first and when you said young girl I thought of a face so I quickly glanced down and thought I saw a face shape with the stems and the leaves were hair then I read “sleeping calmly” and then I found it, cause I figured it has to be a lying girl…

  39. Anonymous says:

    that girls well hot n sexy

  40. Soojin Oh says:

    I not good at seeing optical illusions quickly, but this one stood out for some reason.

  41. me says:

    first of all

    I am a winter

    not a summer

    and second of

    all i see no girl

  42. Alex says:

    This is cool. Any idea where I might be able to buy this in a print to hang on a wall?

  43. Shania says:

    thats so awesome you can see her ass cheaks the lol

  44. Koolie says:

    I see it between the falling leaves :D

  45. dooface says:

    i see a bird i really do look at it from the right and go back a little from the monitor(seriosly its not god to lick the screan)

  46. 2qt4u34 says:

    That’s just wrong but it is kinda not really but it’s kinda cool but GROSS.

  47. Rhiannon says:

    Oh my…

  48. cheyenne says:

    k haha! asoon as i saw this i knew it was more then leaves but then i looked at comments and saw it was a girl.great i.!

  49. allylolcat says:

    OMG!i was looking at it and then i saw it and i was like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  50. heyoren says:

    i saw bird made out of the leaves, then i noticed the girls…but i still don’t get where the girl’s face is…i just a body…

  51. Dolphin says:

    I saw many things mixed together in the leaves,like birds,faces,a girl,a skull,etc.I love this!Very,very nice.I prefer spring.Not too hot,not too cold…

  52. 'Emerson Greeves Kent' says:

    It’s funny, I seem to be the only one who sees a bird if you look from a distance.

    heyoren – A leaf looks like her hair

  53. eva says:

    i-i- cant see a girl! where is she? can someone point it out for me please?

  54. Blair says:

    She’s lying on her stomach, her head resting on her arm, face hidden. Her hair is brown. :)

  55. Nikko says:

    i can see her

  56. Bianca says:

    i see a girl lting one her belly and falling leaves and a bird

  57. Libralioness says:

    i see a leaf. where is the girl??

  58. misty says:

    hehe! u can see her butt!!! =-)

  59. misty says:


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