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James Dean

Number of written posts: 2340

Contact: nick@moillusions.com


James is the manager of moillusions.com. He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! Check him out on https://plus.google.com/u/1/109932087769818686311/

Dancing Dog Optical Illusion

I love looking at pictures of pets, because they’re always doing the most cute and funny things. They always seem to put a smile on my face. That’s why I especially love it when animals and pets are included in optical illusions. Typically, the illusions is always going to be a really funny one if […]

Car on a Skateboard Optical Illusion

How many skateboarders do we have in the house today? Leave a comment below if you’re a skateboarder and you love it. I love to hang out with my friends and watch them pull off some amazing tricks, but I hate to admit it that skateboarding just isn’t for me. I tried riding on my […]

Rock Climbing Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing on this amazing Tuesday morning? I hope you’re all doing great. I know I am as I sit here with a nice cup of hot coffee on my desk and I look through some of the new optical illusions that I have on my computer. Remember, if you have any optical illusions, […]

Kiss Me Optical Illusion

How’s everyone out there doing today? Did you enjoy your holiday weekend? I certainly hope so, because I know I did. I mostly enjoyed the weekend in the great outdoors, because it was so sunny and nice out all weekend long that I simply couldn’t resist the urge. What did you do for your holiday […]

Give me a Squeeze Optical Illusion

Today is Easter Sunday, which is a holiday that a lot of people out there celebrate. I would just like to wish each and everyone of you out there a happy Easter. If you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you have an equally great day. We don’t judge people here at MoIllusions, but we do […]

Dead Flower Optical Illusion

Are all of you having a great weekend so far? I certainly hope you have some great plans for this lovely Saturday. I’m actually only going to be online long enough just to supply you all with a brand new optical illusion and then I am going to go outside and enjoy the weekend. I […]

Toy Cars Optical Illusion

How are all of you out there doing on this lovely day? I certainly hope all are doing great and doing your best to enjoy the day. Today is known as “Good Friday,” and if you celebrate this holiday, I hope you have a great holiday. If not, I just hope you have a great […]

Yawning Dog Optical Illusion

How are all of you doing out there today? I’d like to wish you all a happy Thursday morning. The holidays start tomorrow and run through Sunday, so some of you may not even have to work tomorrow, because it’s known as “Good Friday.” If that’s the case, I certainly hope you enjoy your day […]