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  1. dude…hai…
    u don’t have to post on every frickin pic, ya know.

    but the illusion is cool. i no how they did it.

  2. zen´s right. hai and farted r lyke buddies. look at the body paintings categories and read the comments they left. they´re so dumb

  3. Hmm, I wouldn’t be calling Hai and Farted dumb, as they know how to spell and you can’t even spell the word “like” let alone say something nice about the picture.

    As for me, I love it!

  4. Hi. I still love this spot.

    I directed this commercial for Audi and BBH London. I also came up with all the illusions and did the matte paintings based on studying Escher and textbook illusions. I wanted to bring it up to date. So I’m very proud that so many people appreciated the spot. It seems to have an underground following.

    There is also a very secret 60sec version out there in the vaults.

  5. really cool
    in the first photo looks like he crashed on the wall xD!!!
    and the second one, well… it has to be some kind om mechanism like in the MIB movie when they enter the tunnel… sooo

    thats my explanation LOL

    arriba Mexico :D
    (I just wanted to say it :P)

  6. hey confused people it is an illusion. see the wall goes were the car leaves and th street is going up and the people look as if they are under it

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