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By on September 4, 2010, with 31 Comments

For every good, there is evil. For every life, there is death. And for every superhero, there is a villain! Artist named Simon C. Page has taken the idea that heroes and villains are deeply connected, and turned it into art using his own variation of the Two Faces and a Candlestick optical illusion. The posters, which there are only two of so far, can be ordered through his website and would definitely look right at home on any fan’s wall. Check out the posters below of Spiderman Vs. The Green Goblin, and Batman Vs. The Penguin. The trick is, can you see both good and evil in both posters? Or just one? What if you turn them upside down ???

Arch Enemies Optical Illusions
Arch Enemies Optical Illusions


31 Responses
  1. whizz says:


  2. JMAN12 says:

    That looks really cool!;)

  3. Spiderman/Green Goblin is pretty good but the Batman/Penquin is kinda weak. The concept is great though

  4. Fujiiro says:

    Since when did the Penguin become the arch enemy of Batman? :p

  5. They are okay for artistic illusions, but I’m not that crazy about them…………

  6. Ruben Schouw says:

    No, I don’t think they’re that good, actually…

  7. niko says:

    I cant see the green goblin.

  8. Johnny says:

    Amazing stuff love it.

  9. Fran1980 says:

    Love the Batman one really great posters want want want

  10. earthling says:

    You just don’t like Batman/Penguin because they’re kissing ;D

  11. Chuck says:

    Never saw that version of the Penguin. Looks more like another Spidey enemy the Vulture.

  12. Latisha says:

    Love this kind of illusions, once there was vampire leaning over woman illusion. and I couldnt get it for a long time, until after month I saw it in smaller picture. This is great too, though easier. Or maybe I became a pro at spotting it ;D

  13. Ben says:

    Batman and the Penguin are doing that kiss that Spiderman and Mary-Jane do ;)

  14. ben says:

    The actual things are the movie “Criminal Underworld”.

  15. Richard Enurmouf says:


  16. Janmanni says:

    Not sure about the accuracy of the silhouettes. And The Green Goblin is just an odd upside down texture in Spidermans clothes.

  17. V_Kun says:

    Very nice :] (also i love how people always go 1st and theyre like 5th XD)

  18. Techno Goth says:

    BOO! I SCARED YOU!! *looks around at all of the un-frightened faces* FEAR ME!!! *wiggles fingers for intimidation*

  19. justanotherguy says:

    Crap – the spidey/goblin one was pointless. All the guy has done is draw the goblin profile inside the spidey one – anyone could have done that. The batman/penguin is somewhat better – more of a yin/yang which is what I think he was actually aiming for.

  20. Lydia says:

    I didnt see it at first, but now i do :)

  21. AnoopThomas says:

    Good stuff……. its cooolllll……

  22. Tommy says:

    Is it just me, or does Spiderman look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

  23. Jeff says:

    Ugh. These are stupid-looking. FAIL.

  24. Felicity says:

    Awesome, especially the Batman one.

  25. Ibby says:

    I actually flipped my computer xD

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