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By on June 28, 2006, with 75 Comments

Guy called Dan Bowles, made an interesting discovery when accidentally lifted his Apple Mighty Mouse in certain angle. He looked at the red LED pattern underneath and this is what he found. As you see, when looking at the picture below, it forms the shape of a cartoon character Mighty Mouse. Is this a hardare Easter Egg made by Apple, or just a concidence? Check more pictures, and post your comments. If you also have Apple’s Mighty Mouse, be sure to check this, and if it works, take the picture (if possible) and post the link in comments or email it. Enjoy!

Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion
Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion
Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion
Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion
Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion

And the joke at the end :) Can you guess who this is?

Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion


75 Responses
  1. kevin says:

    steve jobs

  2. Jason says:

    The Mighty Mouse must be tilted 45 degrees forward in order to get this projection.
    Otherwise, it’s just a squishy blob. It’s just the natural shape of the LED that’s causing the variously sized circles.
    That’s an awesome find.

  3. Ale says:


  4. Daniel says:

    My Mac mouse is not mighty and also do this effect.

  5. SteveJobs says:


  6. SALLIE says:

    I can see it – but Jason has sit right about the angle! Too funny.

  7. T.Rek says:

    wow. that was unexpected

  8. Shmo says:

    omg, that is flippin’ awesome!!

  9. meeow =^.^= says:

    kida scary

  10. LuVvy<3 says:

    I’m not sure. But you can kind of tell that it is a coincidence because when you try on your apple muse nothing shows up, but like some people said you have to tilt it to and angle and when i did that mine turned to a dog. So i’m thinking it might just be a coincidence because the lense inside the mouses have dust in them and form different shapes. But I’m not 100% sure. 0_o

  11. T says:

    this works with my mac mouse also. knowing the people at mac as well as I do (connections) it probably is more than just coincidental. very cool find though!

  12. ----malelola---- says:

    my pc mouse makes an halloween pumpkin projection :o funny

  13. canadian kittiot says:

    mine looks like a jak o lantern!cats(and the last image) rule(s)!hey!malelola copied my coment!>:(go meeow=^.^=(kitties rule!=^.^=)

  14. Anonymous says:

    mine looks like a granade or melon

  15. .iMoth. says:

    mine shows jesus. :O

  16. Anonymous says:

    mine is like this little bunny thing. But that is sooo kewl! I totally wanna get a mighty mouse now. WOW! I never would have known…

    kewl site by the way! ;^)

  17. Anonymous says:

    mine shows a mountainscape. with trees and elk.

  18. ethman42 says:

    Oh how I would love a mighty steve mouse

  19. Anonymous says:

    wow, i had one for at least a year, and never realized the projection looked like a mouse.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I just have a cheap optical mouse and I can make some strange ant-like creature (Bugger/Formic from Ender’s Game series or Cho-Ja from Raymond E. Feist’s books?)

    I’m pretty sure that last one is either photoshopped or built in purposefully.

  21. Shake-zula says:

    My logitech (M-UV55a) can’t make nothin’

  22. Anonymous says:

    well mine is a microsoft mouse and it makes tom cat!!! Are you sure this one isn’t Jerry?

  23. Anonymous says:

    My HP mouse makes a fox or wolf with no eyes.

  24. Megaman says:

    My mom’s Apple Mighty Mouse also does this. I think it is very clever.

  25. Anonymous says:

    how come my mouse doesent do that???

  26. Anonymous says:

    the last picture is flawed. the hand is holding the mouse the wrong way for a projection to be shown (well, unless it’s a genius netscroll)

    by the way, my mouse isnt moighty, its just a pro, and it still makes the mouse picture. pity the mouse is scratchy tho….

  27. Me says:

    My PC mouse makes a firey skull. O.o

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Angjelo says:

    Mine to looks like a kind of jack o lantern.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I totally knew that! I did it all the time w/ my mouse!

    Like the Steve Jobs illusion, though.

  31. Anonymous says:

    thats cool. my mighty mouse does the same thing. i think it’s mostly coincidence but apple may have tweaked it a little.

  32. Bob says:

    AWESOME!!! i have never seen anything like it!

  33. Anonymous says:

    my mouse makes an ox, how can it be? Totally cool I think…

  34. Anonymous says:

    my mouse makes a face viv no eyes and a square nose :S

  35. Anonymous says:

    mine looks like a sonic team logo without the eyes

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mine recreates a full colour version of the mona lisa…. AS IF!!! GROW UP PEOPLE ITS PHOTOSHOP!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    ha i saw this post and lifted my mighty mouse at once ;D

    it really looks like that. never noticed that before oO

    nice mice ;D

  38. Anonymous says:

    mine (microsoft) shows a torch and fire. Its so cool!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mine shows some funky LED/laser thing that I’d assume it uses to see where I’m moving it. Of course it could be the Ghost in the Machine…

    It also squeaks and plugs into a cheese wedge to recharge.

  40. Anonymous says:

    to comment number 2

    that is the accual picture of the mouse coz my auntie had one with a mouse eating cheese

  41. Anonymous says:

    my mighty mouse doesnt do it

  42. Anonymous says:

    I tried that with my mouse…i got an exclamation mark no matter how i put it…

  43. heyheyhey says:


  44. Libra In Red says:

    For some reason mine looks like the Virgin Mary. And I’m not kidding.

  45. freddy says:

    aww man… i’m still using the old rollerball mouses =’( are they out of style now?

  46. They were out of style long ago man…

  47. WIll says:

    When I try that, all I get is a circle…

  48. Animatefox says:

    hah! thats a cool find :D

  49. Fyredrake says:

    I have a cheapie “Micro Innovations” mouse and mine looks like the Autobot symbol.

  50. Amanda says:

    I have an HP optical mouse and it makes some kind of insane design with what looks like possible writing in it… not sure what to think of that one…

  51. Mike says:

    Isnt that Carl, the janitor from “The Breakfast Club” at the end?

  52. DItz says:

    Mine makes the shape of a *ahem* female reproductive organ…. seriously. It’s Logitech.

  53. scott says:

    lol it works on my mac

  54. Dolphin says:

    Cool.But I’m thinking you could(if you wanted to)put a stencil on the red LED light to make a picture.

  55. anders says:

    @mike: hope you’re kidding. it’s steve jobs..!!

  56. TaSk^ says:

    mine makes hotdog it’s omega wireless mouse…

  57. fossda says:

    i have the magic mouse and it has no red light at all.

  58. Sarah says:

    This is pretty awesome I reckon I have the same mouse as Miranda. And I like the little joke at the end. Epic!

  59. johnathan says:

    the last one is of course Chuck Norris

  60. hithere says:

    its jebus!!!

  61. Thunder45645 says:

    mine is a sword if i tilt it

  62. Chandlarian says:

    LOL its my hero steve jobs XD

  63. liontiger says:

    Are those mouses really… useful

  64. Abisso says:

    Actually it doesn’t look like Mighty Mouse at all. But it curiously resembles an ordinary rat. Seems un-coincidental.

  65. xxxxx says:

    I found this out in 4th grade

  66. T2 says:

    Yes… All mighty mouse create this image…. Another one of the Steve’s masterpieces!!!

  67. colson says:

    it is steve jobs

  68. Gerard says:

    I told my friends that it looked like an angry hippo

  69. rickdaprik2 says:

    we saw the face ,right away!

  70. imsmart says:


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