Appetising Love Optical Illusion

I’m perfectly aware most of you would love to see entertaining and quality stuff posted more often. I keep struggling to maintain quality, which would be hard to accomplish if I’d concentrate solely on quantity. In plain words, it would be much easier for me to post repetitive stuff as well as some lower quality illusions to maintain regularity, but from my experience following the easier route rarely brings better results. New and refreshing stuff is hard to find whole by myself. This is where I also depend on your quality content submissions and discoveries. So don’t be a stranger! There’s a submit link right below in the footer, where it always stood. Oh, and don’t worry – I’m still fully dedicated to this blog and my dearest community! Here’s an illusion I found most appropriate for today’s post :D

14 Replies to “Appetising Love Optical Illusion”

  1. Very clever I wish i could make that out of an apple! That would be cool. Love it to bits.

    P.S. How would you put a heart into it? Oh well

  2. Couldn’t see the appetising part at all in the thumbnail but saw it straight away when I saw the red. Keep up the good work, I like this blog and varying quality and interest often varies for different people.

  3. Very interesting… For me, I saw the man and woman first and it seems like they’re moving closer together or something. I don’t know. Maybe my eyes are messed up.

  4. There are so many images like this – I have lately been curious about the one I saw on the cover of a children’s book recently (The Dog Who Had Kittens) – and wondering if the illustrator meant to put that morbid image on the cover? Of a children’s book? I don’t own the book, so I can’t check inside. Wondered if you had heard of that illustrator or book.

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