Anti-Gravity Milk Glass Optical Illusion

Sammy Salter submitted this cool photo. It represents a glass of milk that somehow managed to beat all those world known scientists trying to break the forces of gravity! Sammy even provided a video clip that proves the authenticity, and shows that no Photshop editing occurred! The solution to this optical illusion in fact is quite simple. Can you solve it? Try it! Be sure to open this article to see all three photos! If you have a spare minute, be sure to check dozen of more interesting video optical illusions inside the “Videos Category“. Enjoy!

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  1. It isn’t milk, my guess is it’s cream cheese or something like that. I buy glass jars of white spreadable cheese that look pretty much just like that.

  2. No, I don’t think it’s frozen. The video shows that the surface quivels when he moves the glas.
    I don’t think it is milk, I don’t even think it is a liquid. It seems to be a semi-solid substance, some kind of gelantine perhaps.

  3. Simple it’s not milk. probably a yogurt… the video clip did not show Sammy pouring the milk into the glass. thus, we can only assume that it is not a liquid form of milk.

  4. Not milk? Something like white paint, or milk with gelatin added?

    Looking at the video, the liquid does move when tilted, just not very much…

  5. I think its either that he has had his entire house tilted in three different directions (I.e, the glass is actually perfectly straight and the house is tilted) or that isn’t milk. Perhapse the ‘milk glass’ in the title only refers to the glass itself, not its contents…

  6. I’m assuming it’s not milk at all. I’ve seen plenty of fake liquids in my time, things pretending to be water or soda, for example. This could just be some solid white substance.

    I can’t get the video to work, so I’m not sure if I’m missing out on anything. It’s also quite likely the milk is frozen (if it’s in fact milk).

  7. After watching the video, I think there’s some kind of covering over the top of the milk. If you look carefully you can see that the milk still tries to pour the way the glass is angled, but there’s something stopping it.

    Cool illusion nonetheless.

  8. omg thats s0oo not pure milk it is a jelly texture u almost will have to be soo dumb to not notice that go watch the clip

  9. Because I’m fairly sure he doesn’t. The liquid in the cup seems a bit too thick to be milk. Though it surely is a liquid as it moves when he places it down on the table. Either that or a solid suspension in liquid. Also of note is the fact that the liquid inside the cup does in fact move as he tilts the cup. There is just a film on the cup which makes it appear that it isn’t. What does everyone else think?

  10. You can see the meniscus quite clearly. It can be seen to move slowly in the video, indicating the mixture is very thick. My guess is that a gelatin was used to thicken the milk.

  11. Of course its frozen can’t u see. if you watch the video it will become more clearer. the milk doesn’t even shake but that was a cool illusion

  12. tricky huh? the truth is he is using a special powder that hardens any liquid in a matter of seconds. if you have a “magician” store near you they should carry it. its a fun joke to play on your friends with their beer!!!!!

  13. This is easy. The glass doesnt have real milk in it but the fake plastic one that are shown in stores. For example in furniture stores they have wine glasses that spilled on a counch but the wine is fake

  14. Here’s my theory. It’s not milk.(duh) Mix starch with water until it’s thick. Then pour into the glass, making sure not to drip it onto the edge (for appearance).

  15. It’s not even milk..if it were milk and if it where frozen it would have another consistency…it probably is glue…plus he/she shakes it to fast to know it if it is anything other than glue…but it is defenitely not milk…milk moves alot when shaken and this is defenitly not milk!!!

  16. I think its glue. In the video, you can see it move around a little, but it’s much more viscous than milk. Cool illusion though.

  17. The milk is moving (as shown in the third picture) but 1stly it is thick milk, maybe yoghurt or cream? Also, the milk is moving, but because the thick milk is sticking to the side of the glass it looks like the line of milk is straight arond the glass. a clever illusion, and if that is not correct, then please tell me how!

  18. Ugh. When milk goes off it gets a thick layer of sticky smelly goo over the top that causes it to behave just like the milk in this picture. I hope that’s not how Sammy did it.

  19. well he only tilted the glass a little and the milk did tilt as well. i think it’s cause of the “remnants” of the milk on the glass that hasn’t flowed down yet. I’D LIKE TO SEE HIM TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN.

  20. It reminds me of some gel candles I have. I’m thinking the milk is nearly frozen or mixed with gelatine to make it solidify. There’s a bit of movement which makes me think it’s not completely solidified.

  21. it’s possible that a really fast shutter camera was usewd to take the pic as it was leaned b4 the liquid moved which also explains the “jiggly”surface on the last pic

  22. computer wont let me see the video, so i may be wrong, but i think that the table/ camera are tilted, and the milk is really straight…..maybe the video shows differently?

  23. listen it’s OBVIOUS because I’ve seen this jillions of times!!! The table is tilted and the glass is straight!!! no glue!!!

  24. Its yogurt, milk turns into yogurt like this when you leave it outside and add yeast…
    Trust me , we make yogurt to eat everyday like this

  25. I think it’s mixed with gellatin to make it thick. Also, all the people who think its frozen milk, you’re two things, dumb and wrong. When milk is frozen the fats in it clump togther and make it look yelloe, the stuff in the glass isn’t yellow, duh.

  26. It’s something that dries to form a solid; and it just dries pretty fast.

    glue would probably work.. preferably a super-fast drying one.

  27. You could, of course, just use a clingfilm (seran wrap or whatever it is you Americans call it). Pop it on, heat it up to mould it. Job done. Liquid’s movement is then limited.

    If you look at the video, the distortion around the top centimeter of so of the glass seems more than a video atrefact.

  28. It’s GLUE! I’m so smart!
    It has been left out to sit for a certain amount of time to get it to the right consistency.

  29. haha wtf??? its youghurt or sumthin don to the milk cos u can see where it has been on da side of da glass in da 3rd pic…?? can u jus tell us alredy plz :P its kewl neway lol

  30. Due to the reflection on top, and the shade near the top of the cup in the pictures (I couldn’t get the video to work:-( ) there is a thick piece of plastic that goes down about an inch into the cup, the cup is painted white and was always from being bought, there really is not much milk at all, but an elabrite set of mirrors on the inside, causing there to be a projection of it sloshing around slightly in the video (or so I understand) so it jiggles, but not enough to either hit the mirrors or the plastic, therefore, the illusion, hologramic projection.

  31. its probably not milk.
    but once, wen we were in Florida, my brother had a bottle of water and quickly turned it upside down, and then upright agen. he might hav just quickly turned it over and then upright. i dunno. but i couldnt get the video to work either so maybe thats y i dont no wat is causing it.
    cleverly done anyway!!

  32. its ooblek you mix corn starch (or somthing like that) with water and when there is heat it liquifys but if there isnt it is more of a gelitin or glue

  33. if you can even get through all those posts about it being glue? and pudding, or yogurt, and curdled milk??

    im sorry idk what kind of pudding or curdled milk YOU’VE been eating, but it doesnt look like that.

    obviously as one Michael said “mixture is very thick. My guess is that a gelatin was used to thicken the milk.”

    its milky-gelatin
    it has to be. no other explanation comes close to the jiggle that it showed at the end when he turned it upright.


  34. Hehe I think you all thinking of it wrong its milk…BUT theres a very thin piece of glass just on top the milk making it look like jelly

  35. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s definitely milk… Seems Sammy is very lazy. Looks to me like he poured a full glass of milk and let it sit. And sit. And sit. The fact that it jiggles in the video shows that it is gelled, but not quite solid yet. After years of cleaning up after lazy kids, I knew what this was right away.

  36. He’s spinning the glass, if this is real milk. Spinning/rolling the base, the lip of it not moving, so at an angle centripital (sp =/) force keeps it ‘flat’

  37. no, there’s no mixture added to it, nor a gel, glue, or whatever. it’s an illusion, that photo was taken inside a tilted house. thats it, thats the explaination. in your perception, your brain recognizes it as a normal house.but its tilted at 25 degrees from the horizontal. its illusion is very strong as well. why dont you try one, build your own tilted house.

  38. Its obvious Yoghurt.
    Check out the third picture and its really clear.

    Love the site, and my iGoogle widget!
    Keep up the good work!


  39. There’s a trick you can do with a glass of water that ends up acting the same way (I think), and I doubt milk has too much of a different density for it not to work- you make a small hole in the cup (with the liquid still in it), and then cover it up with your thumb. The pressure is supposed to make the fluid stay in place while you swing the glass around.

  40. i think it is patially frozen, like when you make ice, and you go to get some, but only the top is ice, you can see the water under it, but if you tilt it it wont move or spill. (:

  41. 2 parts cornstarch 1 part water. Duh. do it. It looks liquid but when you touch it it gets hard, try it out, mad fun.

  42. This is obvious that its either Not Milk AT ALL, or a spoiled milk, that isnt edible.

    I think that the whole thing is solid, or gelatin like, but has a little bit of thin white fluid (white shoe polish with water?lol), to make it look life its “Shaking” or “moving around”.

    I think We All know this IS NOT “ANTI GRAVITY MILK”.

    Its a 3/5 star illusion cause only like a little Puddle on the top was moving, but the rest was like fossilized tofu or something lol.

    Good AT triking people with the title and the first glance though.

    P.S.- ANTI GRAVITY MILK?! THats hilarious!

  43. i know for 100% fact that it is curdled milk, i have had this happen to me when i left a glas of milk out over night 2 summers ago and i didnt have any air conditioning i went to dump it in the sink thinking it was fine and it did that exact thing where the top kind of bubles and u can tell that its liquid inside if the person holding the glass were to keep tilting the glass then the milk would breakthrough the top(it gets gell like) but its really groose when that happens, if you dont beleive me try it urself, leave a glass of milk out for a few days and if ur paitent enough you can do this “illusion” urself(all though i do warn you that it smells REALLY bad when its dumped out and ive learned to NEVER do that againand about not seeing the milk being poured its because it usualy has to sit for a couple days to get like that

  44. Na its cornstarch or wteva the f*%# its called with water, the less water the harder it goes, its not a trick, its like gluing a ball to the roof and saying wow its amazing…….gay

  45. yes its fake – you got to remember that this was initially an old illusion and most of the effect was got from the pictures, not the video. yes its fake, so what? did you really expect to see “real” anti gravity milk, as if such a thing exists.

    To the haters, its not meant to be real and blow you’re mind, you’re meant to think about how I did it, duh. To be fair, maybe it did look a lot cooler when you could see the pictures and not the video, as the video was only meant to prove that it was “really” milk anyway.

  46. It’s no camera tiltig, photoshop, or camera tilting behind a greenscreen, (which would’ve looked more realistic). The substance inside is glue, most likely carpenter’s glue.

  47. something to do with pressure i suppose… (and a tilted house?!?! Really?? That seems a bit much… was the world outside tilted as well???)

  48. I think its a fake. It seemed to shine when light hit the surface of the “milk” and it seemed really plasticy. Anyone have a reason?

  49. All you have to do to achieve this affect is add some Knox gelatin mix to the milk. Some liquid would pool on top after setting giving it the almost liquid look. It’s jello-milk.

  50. When u pour milk into a glass, & drink some- it leaves an imprint on the glass. The imprint here is really strong so you can’t see through it!! If you look closely, the milk is actually moving, but the imprint is staying on the same place on the glass

    1. i agree with yelsi, i think its imprint that left on glass and the color really strong so we cant see the surface of the milk

  51. It’s probably cream or sour cream or something. That’s what it looks like at least the surface has that thick looking texture and milk is a bit whiter than that well it’s hard to explain but most liekly it’s cream.

  52. maybe he put glass or plastic over the top. i think that cos the waters rippling. or he couldve put in jelly or yogurt or even frozen milk and poured a tiny layer of milk over the top. its possible.

  53. wow. i’m like 13 and i can solve it:
    It’s bad milk. if you leave it out long enough, milk will turn into this cheese yogurt thing that’s solid but looks liqued. that is how he did it. i dare any one of you to try it

  54. This is clearly not milk. Either that, or its spoiled milk that has been frozen or left out too long. Show me a full video of the milk being poured into the glass, then tilted. I am very dissapointed.

  55. guys. when milk goes bad or sits out in a glass for days its gets like this. trust me. i love milk and once i left a class out like a dumbass…..

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