Anti-Gravity Guitar Player Illusion

So, I see you were faithful audience, and liked our new Mighty Magic Tricks website. Glad to see so many new RSS subscribers for both optical illusion feed, and magic tricks feed. As a present, and something to give back, I created new Magic Trick Of The Day – Google gadget! We need few days before Google includes it in it’s gadget database, but for those of you who can’t wait to see it, you can already add it. Here is the procedure: Open you Google Homepage, click “add stuff” in right corner, then click “Add by url” next to search box on second page, and then simply paste this link inside. Push “Add” and Voila! You should have brand new gadget in your Google Homepage. You will see daily new trick, and instantly know that the website has been refreshed. In addition I refreshed Mighty Tricks with awesome Hustle bar trick you can perform on your friends (and even earn some cash ;)

But lets return to optical illusions again, so we don’t forget what this website was initially for. I give you today’s newest optical illusion. The one submitted by Taylor Cambre, who found it while browsing the net. I believe you’ll have no problem understanding it, and finding what’s so odd in it. Forget about secret anti-gravity devices. If it’s still looks hard, check Back Street Boys illusion, and you’ll immediately understand where the illusion hides. I liked this one because the photo plainly looks nice! Enjoy…

34 Replies to “Anti-Gravity Guitar Player Illusion”

  1. not that great….. The guy is obviously hanging from the side of the building…and the statue is coming off the buildiing sideways

  2. yup, i agree with Connor. although, it’s quite hard to notice it at first but then you realise the guitarist is all one colour. =)

  3. The left side of the picture is obviously “up” in reality — you can tell by the mop bucket hanging off of the man’s belt. This is also supported by the location of the bolts holding the guitar player to the wall — the top. It’s the only location that would hold the statue.

    So my question is, why is a man mopping a wall? And also, why would there be a statue of a guitar player bolted to a wall? And where is the illusion in all of this?

    Someone please help! :o)

  4. Maybe the guy is on his way to some windows further up the wall?

    Anyways what I really wanted to say is ‘Has nobody here ever seen a living statue, the kind of performance artists who pose as statues?’ I am 100% sure the guitar player here isn’t an actual statue but is actually a guy posing.

    Maybe not the most technical of illusions, the fact you can so clearly see the ‘bolts’ or whatever assisting the guitar player to stay there doesn’t help.

    Until any of you can do better though, a lil less harsh with the judgement eh?

  5. Ermm yeh ???????????
    Its not that great, its not much of an illusion

    its just someone with their feet stuck and someone on a rope

    is this really the best you can do???? its rubbish!!!!!!

    i am disapointed today………….

  6. You guys need some help. It’s an illusion – a good one. It’s suppose to look like they are hanging when they are really NOT!! See definition of an illusion.

    They are actually flat on the ground. The bucket, the rope…all are props.

    Imagine this…the rope is Horizontally between two posts – the guy leans on the rope to make it look like he’s actually hanging. Notice how his leg is curled to grip the rope to help keep his balance. If he’s hanging..then his leg wouldn’t be like that.

    The bucket is held horizontally by something else that we cannot see.

    It’s an ILLUSION!! So u see something that’s not actually there. So we see people look like they hanging…what’s actually there is THEY ARE FLAT ON THE GROUND!!

  7. i agree with zRo.ToLeRaNcE, look at the bucket and rope, the do not agree on the direction of the ground, which would not be the case if it was gravity holding them down.

  8. zRo.ToLeRaNcE.

    the guy has his leg round the rope so he can stay upright while washing whatever it is hes washing, if he didnt he would pivot on the rope making it harder for him to use both hands to use the mop.

    the left of the picture is actually up and gravity is pulling the bucket down(to the right).

    notice that the left most part of the rope is pulled taught but the right isnt, how could he use the rope for balance if the whole rope isn’t pulled taught enough to take his weight? so the poster that said its a normal picture turned on its side is correct

  9. amazing illusion!!! if someone still thinks is not an illusion, just look at the “hanging” man’s hair and pants, you can see clearly that gravity is doing it’s work…great pic!

  10. Did none of you read above the image – if you still don’t get it then check out Back Street Boys.

    In addition the the bucket is not held by something else, it is the main thing that is doing the holding-supporting that guys weight

  11. It doesn’t look like he’s hanging to me, it just looks like they’re on flat ground, which apparently they are. I don’t get the illusion.

  12. thank you zero tolerance! I can’t believe it had to be explained to you guys. I thought it was pretty obvious…

  13. This picture was on Yahoo’s “Week in Pictures.” The caption states it was taken in China at an arts college.

  14. Whoever posted that Back Street Boys thing – thank you. I’m trying to explain that NOBODY IS HANGING.

    My mistake was thinking that the rope was holding the guy up…it isn’t based on what Chris said about 1 side taut while other is slack. It’s actually the “bucket” looking thing that is holding him by the waist and he’s leaning forward.

  15. Take a look at the shadows…it look like the source of light is directly above the guys…it they where hanging the shadows wont be as they appear>>>zRo.ToLeRaNcE is right

  16. What y’all are seeing as a”wall” is actually floor made to look like a wall…. take a closer look… the man is really mopping a floor. the mop bucket (of his pants in the air ) is mounted on a wall not shown in the picture..the guitar player as we all know is a statue!! thnx hope that helps!

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