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By on May 22, 2010, with 303 Comments


What Do You See Above?

Got another one of these, what appears to be Rorschach test cards. Tell me, what do you see hidden in the card on your right? It may appear like randomly scattered pieces at first, without any obvious meaning, but when you finally see what they represent – there’s no going back. How long did it take you to see the illusion? If you’re still struggling, the answer is hidden somewhere inside the file ;)

Regarding my health, I’m getting a little better – thanks for the concern you expressed in some of your previous comments. It’s probably just a common cold, and hopefully I should be back up operating at full speed from Monday!

  • Jilly

    it reminded me of a horse, but I thought it can’t be horse because of that bump on his back ;D …it didn’tt occur to me there might be a rider on his back

  • josephine

    I don’t see anything, someone help!

  • AC

    I do not see it! I am not so great with these. Any help?

  • Guest

    it’s a horseman

  • petting a dragon

    I see a man riding a horse

  • Muncher23

    Nice one.. I thought I had a great eye for things like this, but after 10 minutes of ‘nothing’ I had to ask my daughter.. She saw it in less than 5 seconds.. Amazing..

  • JDPower

    Been staring at this for ages and can’t see it, thought it was possible a crab with pincers in the air till I saw the clue. I’ve moved closer, further away, squinted and still nothing. Even with the clue, I can make out what might be horses legs but can’t see anything above them that fits in.

  • Anon

    its a horse and rider, obviously

  • I see a horse and rider. Cool illusion :)

  • Jessie

    i can’t see it :/ i’ve been looking for 20 mins :P help!

  • Jessie

    I can’t see it. I’ve been looking for 20 mins :P Help!

  • Falon

    I see either a rider on a horse, or a cartoon dolphin. =)


  • appolo

    Good but it only took me a couple seconds to find the…

  • Simona

    I think it is a person riding a horse maybe???

  • Nizati

    It took me ten seconds… My suggestion, focus on the large blob in the center.. What does it resemble to you? @_@ Then again.. with this as my sister’s hobby, I see it too often maybe.

  • Valerie

    Yeah I saw it after about 3 or 4 minutes. And now of course I can only see it and nothing else.

  • Cyprien


  • Jeff

    I saw it almost instantly. Maybe I’ve seen it before, but I don’t remember.

  • Cyprien

    Now I know…man on the…;P

  • Mary

    So are you going to tell us what she saw?

  • Darkmind

    I see a man riding a horse, and it’s pretty obvious for me. Am I normal?

  • Denise

    It’s a man on horseback riding left across the screen. Took me a minute. Nice

  • bbb

    i THINK i sees a person…?

  • Nepenthe

    I see a horse and rider, headed to the left.

  • Great illusion! It took me about five, uninterupted minutes.I wasn’t sure so I didn’t look at it for a while and sure enough when I looked back it was as plain as day. Nice job, and glad to hear you are feeling better, yes indeed, yes indeed!

  • bbb

    or a man on a horse

  • Digit

    This one has me stuck on and image of … W.A Mozart ?? anyone else see it ?

  • AidenBlaine

    It’s a horse and a horce racer/rider.
    The half circle up at the top is his hat, and the blob to the very right is the horse’s tail.
    Ill leave the rest of the finding for you.
    Took me like 15 seconds! I was so proud of myself.

  • gm

    What is it?

  • i see a face kinda winking at you.. is that right? lol

  • gm

    Is is someone riding a horse?

  • alison

    i see a man riding a horse.

  • josephine

    so what is it then?

  • Awesome Anonymous

    i think it kinda looks like darth vader from a distance probably wrong tho.

  • Colin

    I do not see anything :/ Someone please tell us lol

  • Tony

    Had to ask my daughter too. Yep, less than 5 seconds.

  • Mii

    i thought i saw a dog person but thats not it so i am lost.

  • Its a guy on a horse. in less i missed something.

  • rosane

    Can’t figure it out either

  • Hetel

    I saw it IMMEDIATELLY when I first saw this :D I still do think I have a great eye for such illusions ;)

  • Emma

    I couldn’t see it at first. Came back to it a few times…i might be wrong but it looks like a rider/knight on a horse. That’s my guess…

  • Linda D

    It looks like a man riding a horse.

  • Patricia

    It looks to me like a jockey riding horseback.

  • Chelsea

    It kind of looks like George Washington?

  • Vasiliy

    I have noticed the horse+rider in a second even before I read the title, may be because I didn’t try to see anything, just glanced around my rss reader.

  • Farewell

    I saw it the moment I looked at it :P it’s a jockey on a horse for those who can’t pick it :]

  • joonre

    the answer hidden somewhere in the file? what file?


  • D-PAC

    Look at the name of the picture…

  • Aquarius

    It took me one second..not too hard. Looking at the picture from a distance will help. And when it still looks like some scattered pieces just move your mouse over the picture for the clue, can’t miss.

  • Chris

    is it the grim reaper?

  • Jessie

    oh i see it now. As soon as i looked at it again i saw it :P it appears to be a person wearing robes riding a horse/donkey. (:

  • Jester

    ARGH!!!! What is it????

  • Instantly I saw a face, but then a horse and a mantled knight appeared.

    Am I mad?

  • NK

    It’s a knight riding a horse.

  • Yurix

    saw the figure at once!!!

  • MTGC

    No veo nada, parece como una cara.

  • Vivian

    I see a man on horseback, not sure what you guys think!

  • Danie

    it looks like a guy riding a horse or something

  • Jasmin

    I do belive it is a little man riding a horse did anyone else see it?

  • catherine

    didn’t get it till i hovered over the pic.

  • Pat

    I see a face. How can you not see it?

  • Bob

    I think its a guy on a horse

  • Mercalus

    I see a person facing me, but head turned to the his right(my left).

  • Korahn

    Not sure if it counts as an actual Rorschach test, but still pretty cool. If there are multiple things that can be seen, I’m only seeing a man on a horse. Of course, that COULD be because I’ve been playing red Dead Redemption a lot lately, lol.

  • Gina

    a man on a horse?

  • Sierra

    I saw a close up of a man and woman kissing, as well as an adult and child sitting on a bench, with the adults arm resting on the child’s shoulder.

  • TS7

    It’s a horseback rider, saw it right away

  • MikeyVee

    all i can make out is a person riding a bike

  • Eddo

    If you want a (very obvious) hint, just click on the picture and look at the URL.

  • Brian

    Ok I give up… what is it apart from random lumps of black ink?

  • Fiona Wynn

    It’s a man riding a horse.

  • martin

    I’m still seeing nothing..

  • martin

    which file’s the answer in???

  • LYN

    I see a jockey on riding a horse?

  • it’s horse and rider lol!!!

  • Mandy

    i know what it is :D

  • Kitty

    Looks like a man riding a horse to me, saw it instantly.

  • A person

    I see someone riding a horse,not that hard

  • Kidsrock12347

    i cant see it!!! wtf!!! what is it supposed to be????

  • My daughter saw it too. I still don’t really see it. XD

  • bmt

    Saw it instantly. Man on a horse!

  • Flying purple people eater


  • soxfan21990

    what is it?

  • OMG, what is that rabbi doing to that nun!?!?!?!!?

  • ME

    wow I can’t see it

  • Andrew

    Wow people, it’s a man on a horse.

  • I saw a man on a horse, then a sad child looking up and over his shoulder….

  • DXC

    I didn’t see it at all until I found you’re little /hint/

    That’s a very clever optical illusion. For anybody that can’t see it: it’s moving left.

  • juan

    I think is a man and a horse, galloping…

  • Geri

    if u move cursor over pic, theres a clue. it says rider illusion. HAHA.

  • It’s much easier to spot when it’s smaller I find. Took me a while, even used the file name as a hint. :P

  • Tonya Davis-Stinson

    This one is driving me nuts. I cannot see anything and I’ve been staring at it for at least the past 15 minutes.

  • i see nothing

    can someone please explain?

  • amy

    is it someone riding a horse?

  • Dolphin

    I saw it as soon as I looked at it…Hint for struggling people:Giddy up!

  • jen

    saw a ‘bust’ immediately – face and shoulders – more i look less i see. Now not sure?

  • TheRien

    I can’t see anything either… the file is called rider? I can’t see any sort of rider whatever rider I should see anyway…

  • Swarthy

    I kind of see a man riding a horse but only because I’ve been staring at it. There are 4 legs and a tail but I still can’t quite see it all.

  • says

    It is so easy. It is someone who is riding a horse.

  • chuck

    is it a guy riding a horse

  • klca

    can’t see it but my 7 yr old son said it looks like a guy on a horse.

  • polarbearking

    would someone please email me the answer because I think I’ve got it, but I’m not entirely convinced.

  • anonym

    what is it?

  • ann

    it’s a person riding a horse…of course!

  • HIM

    Is a man on a horse?

  • david

    Horse and rider

  • Antti Heikkinen

    I did see it after a while, but I still also rather see a portrait of a man, or actually 2 different ones.

  • mitch

    The further back you go the easier it is to see. If you click on the picture look at the smaller of of the two images from distance and its becomes clear.

  • Monique

    :O its a rider! oops.. should have i said it O_O

  • Rachelworld

    i see a man on a horse. my bro sees a woman’s face. i don’t get it..

  • Tascha

    10 seconds maybe?
    i hope it is supposed to be what i am seeing!

  • Confused

    HELP!! I hav no idea wat it is!! can someone tel me??

  • andrew

    it looks to me like man on a horse.

  • qwertyuiop

    i can see a weird sort of face but i dont know whether thats right or not…

  • Crystal

    It is a person riding a horse. Took me a while to see. The left side of the picture is where the front of the horse is, the tail ending on the right side. Not the best illusion ever, but it’s ok.

  • lauren

    it kind of looks like a person riding a horse, but not enough to convince me that i’ve got the right answer – i feel like i’m looking at an assortment of clouds and am assigning any meaning that sort of resembles the shape.

  • Ivy

    It’s a galloping horse.

  • gennia11

    a face?

  • Unknown

    At first i saw it but i didnt know i was correct until i found the real answer

  • TheMissingLink

    i think its a rider on a horse.. but i dont know either…

  • Porcelain

    I see a guy riding a horse… sorry if I’m ruining it

  • A

    This is not a Rorschach test. Rorschach tests show an ambiguous shape, the interpretation of which can be used for psychoanalysis (the accuracy of this is to be debated). This is simply an example of both figure-ground and closure, which are gestalt principles our brains use to make sense of the information it gets from our eyes.

  • charly

    wow i dont think i know what it is but i see a man riding a horse….mostly likely wrong but it was the first thing i spotted. these are super cool. optical illusions are the best!


    what is this? i spent over 15 minutes serching, and still dont get this!

  • moo

    This was so obvious.. don’t know how you can’t see it. And its true, now I can see it I can’t go back. Damn brain.

  • For the people who can’t figure this out it’s a person riding a horse

  • somebody

    what is it? I don’t have a clue!

  • Rob

    All i see is a man in a Horse, is that it?

  • markus

    it’s a man riding a horse! saw it in a few seconds :)

    glad you are getting well, vurdlak

  • whynaut

    I’m sure it is one of those inverted picture. I just don’t know of what?!

  • Rhiannon

    I see a man riding a horse.

  • KD

    Tried.. cant see…… i guess. its a mind game. when u try to look hard you cant see….. but as Muncher23’s daughter saw it in 5 seconds…… coz she dint try hard… ;)

  • Alan P-J

    I was having a lot of trouble with this until I looked at it from the other end of the room. Try it, it might work for you.

  • qwertyuiop

    wait a minute… i think it might be a horse…
    theres someone riding on it

  • Henry

    what i see is a person on a horse of some sort but the horses head is the part where i have a bit of a struggle with

  • andrew

    i see a man riding a horse

  • Mas

    I think it’a a horse with a jockey

  • Ron Calhoun

    Dude on a horse maybe.

  • Devon

    What is it?

  • at first saw a dancing midget. now i think i can see what its meant to be.
    guy on a horse? the horse is harder to see than the rider. hm

  • Yoyo88

    It’s a jockey riding a horse (took me 4 hrs to realize this LOL)

  • Michael

    Horse and rider

  • Duncan

    i saw it straight away from the widget on my google home page!

  • lancet

    i saw a horse and a man

  • Monxy

    I think I see it, I already knew what are those illusions about but it took me more than 25 sec. Great illusion.

  • grackle

    a guy riding a horse

  • mennoillusion

    is it a man on a horse?

  • Jess

    Gla you feel better! took a whle to see this

  • Cheryl Sandford

    This one is making me nuts! All I can see is a snowman with an attitude! I’m not sure that is anywhere close to what it really is and I don’t get the hint at all.

  • Lauren

    I saw straight away that it was someone on a horse but i might be wrong

  • kami

    its a person on a horse..well thats what i see here.

  • C.C

    i saw it immedietly! awesome!
    its true though as soon as you see it, it no longer looks like randomly scattered dots.

  • Meuri

    Maybe a horse and his knight!! But i’m not sure of that..
    Bye from italy!! :)

  • ira

    hold your mouse over the image and the file name appears. This is the clue. I wouldn’t have worked it out until I saw the title.

  • Brandie

    This one is too easy.
    As a small pic in the widget it was directly obvious. hint: think equestrian

  • Jessica

    i think its omeone riding a horse? stared at it for 3 mins.

  • twitch

    I see someone on a horse. What does that say about me? 0_0 lol

  • eagleye

    duh… jocky on a horse

  • ma1ice2you

    holy crap, i didn’t get it at all, so i went to Inspect Element, saw the major hint and i saw the illusion straight away..

  • Darren

    Someone riding a horse??

  • er

    oh its a horse and a riderthe top one is the helmet

  • Brandon Reiboldt


  • Warren

    Is is supposed to be an Owl?

  • ta-

    I see a rider on a horse

  • Fakemessiah

    still cant see it :/

    other ones i see it in seconds, but this one is harder to spot

  • JMAN12

    I see two people really commited to each other!!!! LOL

  • RubberBiscuit

    It’s driving me crazy! I can’t tell what it is. I have the same problem with stereograms. I know if I let my kids look at it, they will see it, but I want to see it first! LOL

  • Pascale Fortin

    I don’t think it’s that great. I do see it, but I don’t agree it’s a “once you see it there is no going back” kind of illusion.

  • At first I thought it was a picture of a mans head and shoulders but I see what it really is now! Although the head and neck of the ***** don’t look proportioned enough…

  • Arpan Gupta

    i got it…after taking the hint of the answer being hidden in the file ;)

  • debolina

    i see a man on horseback. am i a psycho or a zombie?

  • SDER

    I thought I saw a portrait of Beethoven. When I showed it to my boyfriend he told me he saw a jockey on a horse. Any other insight?

  • Cheryl Sandford

    I got it! I got it! It only took me about 3-4 hours of trying…LOL!

  • swim

    eeeeep i dont get it

  • Aiden Couper

    Someone on a horse took me about 8 seconds

  • ProtoMorphos

    I see a man on a horse!

  • chunky

    k ive been looking at this for an hour and i have abousolutely no idea what it is someone who knows it post the answer

  • Timothy

    Un cheval!!!!!!!

  • AC

    Can you tell me Muncher23?

  • Poppy

    clue: neigh.


  • Maria

    still don’t see it…. help!

  • I know what it’s supposed to be… I just can’t see it very clearly :( Part of it looks wrong

  • emil

    I tried to click it and saw the answer, ruined it honestly

  • dan

    Must be the ugliest jockey and horse ever

  • Hodari

    Saw it before i even actually looked at it. I cant actually beleive some people cant see that!
    (sorry for teasing to all who cant see it(idioits))

  • NeeL

    I saw it immediately. For those who wants to know what is it, read the next thing backwards:

    I’m still checking for something else you could maybe see…

  • I see a jockey on a horse =D

  • Stargirl101

    What ARE you supposed to see anyway?
    I just saw a person who looks like a member of a band my dad used to listen to in the 80s.

  • Donna

    I see nothing but spots!

  • Gregory Padilla

    It’s a rider on a horse.

    I Also see a spaceship- a person fishing from a dock- a lemur having a beer- Floyd Landis competing fairly- a griffin punting a football- an owl kissing a puffin (maybe the puffin initiated it)- 19 ants getting a piece of cheese- a macaroni picture for mother’s day- one of those crabs from the original mario brothers that takes two hits from beneath to flip- and finally Admiral Ackbar declaring ‘It’s a trap!’

    No joke- I see it all.

  • Steve

    Nope I still don’t see anything. Friends on Facebook said they saw a puppy, an Amish girl, and even a bust of George Washington.

  • MasterBT

    What is it? I don’t see it.


  • nakar

    horse and man

  • Jacob

    i have no idea whut its supposed to be…but i think its a face and shoulders

  • talllonx

    dam took me a while to see it but its there.
    very well done

  • Wendy Wayne

    Where the hell is the answer?

  • Yes, I’m right LoL!!
    Under 5 minutes…

  • GeorgieP

    is it a man on a horse?

  • Patricia

    George Washington?

  • Sue Briody

    SPOILER: a horse and rider

  • Dani

    I see a man riding a horse

  • ratronix

    It’s a Man riding a horse!!!!!amazing…

  • kike

    josephine, a man on a horse.

    “saludos” from spain.

  • KKE

    Looks like a horse and rider to me?

  • Mike

    It’s a horse and rider

  • Ardee

    Is it supposed to be someone riding a horse?

  • Jack

    I can’t see it. Where is the answer?

  • juan

    is a guy on a horse

  • stut

    Think I got it……only took a sec…. Think I saw the pic before the spots

  • LOLZ

    wat issssss it?

  • Alessandro

    I can see a horse, with a man on it… Is this possible?

  • W

    Ha! You can’t NOT see it once you get it. Very nice. Think recent annual events.

  • jman

    looks like 2 men looking at each other

  • N

    @Sue Briody, how is that a spoiler? thats telling the full illusion!

  • amrich

    2 dalmations or pandas

  • It’s the johnny walker logo!

  • Steve

    I see it all now, except for the head of the horse


    Hi there page onvenor, I’m an Australian fan and look 4ward to each illusion, good to hear you are recovering from your ills, keep on keeping on,
    take care,

  • William Lim ‘Nkm’ Rasaz

    a horse rider?

  • Myles

    try looking at from farther away as the image gets smaller it gets easier

  • Mars

    hover your cursor over the picture…
    you can see clearly the rider’s hat, in a sort of semi-circle shape. and you can count the horse’s legs.

  • pinkygirl

    i can see the man …but i cant see the horse!!

  • josephine

    oh my goodness, even though I know what I’m looking for I can’t find it, wow. If anyone can tell me what certain spots are, that would be great :D

  • josephine

    OH, I GOT IT!!! It phases in and out though, I was looking in between the pieces for a picture, this makes much more sense.

  • Narsuaq

    Hey, that never happens! I got this one in a matter of seconds. Or at least I hope I got the answer right. Is is a man riding a horse?

  • you could actually see it right away.. xD

  • This one is a little too vague for me. The other things I can see look just as vivid and intentional as the horse and rider.

  • hi

    *~*~*~*~*~*~*SPOILER*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* dude on a horse

  • Gabriel

    Lol, i saw Darth Vader first.

  • gravespinner

    I am with George Washington (though it should be a rider I suppose)

  • no-one

    I thought it was a horse riding a man, if you know what I mean :P

  • eagleye

    2 girls eating each other out

  • amy

    saw the horse and rider in the first 5 seconds. easy

  • Lolman

    George washington.

  • anantha

    a man sneezing out of cold

  • anantha

    a man sneezing out because of cold

  • anantha

    A man sneezing out

  • JMAN12

    I saw two intimate people at first, but now I can see the horse!!!

  • jordan

    i see a man and a horse but i also see a crab

  • jordan

    and george washington

  • raven89

    guys you all say its a man with a horse but i see two people facing each other like lips eyes nose, apart from something in the middle

  • rick

    it looks like a clone from star wars and a man on a horse

  • Dick Harper

    its pretty obvious that its a guy riding a horse, and its even more obvious when you scroll your mouse over the picture and it says “rider optical illusion”

  • Sweet Dreams!!

    easy peasy lemon squeezi japaneezi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lewy

    Darth Vader doing Jazz hands

  • Nub Nub

    Wait, what does this have to do with watchmen? ;-p

  • first time i saw it i thought it was a lion.

  • enoki

    i instantly saw a thinking cartoon

  • dooface

    its the spots on a cow!!!

    • wowza

      its a horse and rider connect the dots idiot

  • somebody

    A man on a horse!

  • Ivonne Denisse Candanedo

    I see a man on a horse… a knight perhaps?¿

    • TYRON

      It’s a rider.

  • Carlos

    A ship on a wave

  • i get it

  • Ely

    I think it looks like a weird clown looking to the right, if you ask me.

  • Ely

    Sorry, a wierd BALD clown with a freakish nose looking to the right

  • Erik

    I see a slightly deformed skull, a bat and a guy on a horse.

  • brian

    I See London,I see France,I see Europe!

  • kadir

    I see dead people!

  • Edsel

    I guess its a mother and child

  • Sebowos


  • maya

    i see a angry panda on it’s 4 legs

  • Dallythewop


  • javonte

    i don’t know what the hell its is i guess a … man on a hores or a cow

  • javonte


  • Violetta

    i see a guy and a girl kissing ? (:

  • I see PREDATOR

  • Nikki


  • tim

    i c ur momma

  • Anamaria

    A man on a horse?

  • Linda Walter

    I see George Washington

  • Name

    I see a missionary position being performed on a broken mattress…

  • Mucous

    So no one sees a “Sphinx”? Must be the meds…

  • me

    i immediately saw a snowman wearing a scarf and hat or ear muffs…i cant believe nobody else saw that yet

  • km0

    a knight riding a horse.

  • gtp

    i see george washington. you know, the guy on the dollar bill

  • Veggies

    It looks like a dog :-O

  • Jenny

    It looks like a pissed man who tries to showe you away or something…

  • Angela

    It looks like two spiders having sex…

  • Liv

    I see lots of images. But I also see a man and a womens face kissing…

  • jen

    it’s George Washington! lol….or is it a man on a horse????

  • Sharry

    It looks like a big clown to me.
    What is it? ? ? ?

  • the man

    i dont knwo….ithink its sphinx

  • blah blah

    its a man on a HORSE!! :>

  • whatever

    i see darth vader well at first anyway then i start seeing the whole horse rider thing

  • Oly

    Am I the only one who sees a woman and then two dancers?

  • inmyshoes

    I see a man on a horse.I do see where others can see George Washington at first glance.

  • Alfredo

    I see a man on a horse and a weird scream-looking face looking to the right O.o

  • mittens

    carlos . . . how did you get a ship on a wave?????????????

  • David

    I See George Washington

  • alice

    i see a person looking forward/backward, with some sort of cap on

  • Alen

    its a rider click on the picture

  • Micah

    Skeletal face with a confused expression

  • I see a Marilyn Monroe/ Einstein thing

  • aroiun

    geoage wasnton

  • katie

    i see darth vador or george washington


  • Victor

    Well if you squat at it ,you`ll see an alien !

  • Donut44

    A face

  • Anonymous Pagan

    I see a horse rearing up!

  • crazycandycreator

    I see a weird bird lying on it’s back…