Another Mysterious Fleck

This one’s so simple, yet so hard to see if you don’t know what you are looking for. I haven’t spot the optical illusion until I read the solution that came with it. Don’t worry, it’s nothing abstract. Just when you spot what is hidden in this image, you won’t be able not to see it after that anymore – ever. Even if someone showed you this very same image years from now. Most of the similar ones were linked in our previous Mystery Dots article, so head there if you liked this one. I can give you a slight hint, though. Check this category to adjust your way of thinking ;)


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  1. I see Italy. So im assumng its a pic of the map of the world over there. The boot shaped itally gave it away in less than 30 seconds

  2. I see Italy. So im assumng its a pic of the map of the world over there. The boot shaped itally gave it away in less than 30 seconds.

  3. The black part is the Mediterranian Sea. You can see the white outline of Italy cutting into the black area. (this is a great pic by the way)

  4. Well, I can make out the face at the left (the two eyes are the two islands one above the other left of the “boot” in the center of the image). But that leaves the rest of the big black blob to think about… Where I can see two eyes, but can’t make out much else.

  5. It is really hard to find. It took me a very long time till I found it. Could you include in the bit before it how to find it otherwise it will take too long and people won’t enjoy the fun of it!!!

  6. Maybe im completely missing it but isnt this just the reverse colors for italy and surrounding land? (ie. black is water and white is land)
    and therefore the boot.

    I hope im wrong, for if im right this is awfully lame in comparison to the good stuff on this site.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a map of the Mediterranean…? The black would represent the sea, while the white represents land. Very interesting!

  8. Nice, however, I spotted the Italian Boot right away.
    But then again, I’m Dutch, so it would be a shame for me not to recognize it immediately. :)

    Please, do tell us more about your thoughts!!

  9. Ah, it’s white on black, not the usual black on white. It took a minute, until I recognized Italy, then I saw the whole thing.

  10. Well, without doing the afterimage, I can almost see Northern Africa, the black being the Mediterranean sea… Other than that, I don’t see anything.

  11. It’s the Mediteranean Sea! I saw it right away. Of course, I haven[t any idea why or how I recognized it. (Geography was never one of my strong subjects.)

  12. Is it the Mediterranean Sea? I would have thought it was something more complicated. Maybe because I misread ‘you wont be able not to see it’ as ‘you wont be able to see it’.

    I saw it near instantly. Recognised the boot of Italy instantly.

  13. I have never seen this illusion before but no mater what you did to this picture I would recognise it without a problem,
    I don’t like spoiling it for others so I won’t say its name is but I will say some of the very first empires started and ended in and around this famous body of water :P

  14. Its the Mediterranean and surrounding land, with a little bit of Atlantic and Baltic . If you look at the black is looks like a inkblot. As soon as you shift you focus to the white, presto!

  15. I’ve been coming to this site for months now. At first I saw some pretty cool stuff. lately I see NOTHING that is interesting and if this is really just a map with the colors inverted, you must have lost your mind thinking it’s any kind of optical illusion. One other thing. Start making a link to an explanation. It is really frustrating when you don’t even bother to post what the illusion is SOMEWHERE on the site. I usually can figure out what the illusion is WHEN IT IS AN ILLUSION.


  16. Only difficult if you’re no good at geography (American) lol, sorry Americans, only kidding, sweeping generalisation! I wouldn’t blame anyone for missing Spain tho, what have they done to it? It sure doesn’t look like Spain; only identifiable by it’s relative position.

  17. I believe this same image has been shown at your site before, in some article including several of this kind of images. Can I be correct, or do I remember wrongly?


  19. Yes, I see Italy, but I also see a cow. Does anyone else see it? Italy is like a white stripe down its nose. The black part under the boot is the tip of its nose, the northernmost island to the west of Italy is its eye, and the small bay further west is its ear. Am I the only one who sees it?

  20. i guess it is a map but i think that is way to obvius like that is what they want you to think maybe it is something else

  21. Portugal is missing!!!!!!!!!
    Because it shows only countries bordering the medditerranean it only shows spain portugal is gone highlight the map to see it better. check with other maps and you’ll see.

  22. RE: Another Mysterious Fleck –

    At first it looks like a view of europe, africa, india. then turning sideways it looks like The Grinch, a mouse, and bag of toys – the grinch who stole Chritmas! If this is a true vision it is an animation which is quite clever cute! It is different from head sculpt shown is the category clue.

  23. haha, I was reading the description, and my eyes shot down for a split second in which I saw italy xD Otherwise I would never have guessed it :P

  24. If you’re from Europe, you’ll recognise this immediately as a map of the Mediterranean Sea. And a pretty poor one too – north coast of Spain is missing, strait of Gibraltar too wide, Greek coast /islands missing – is that because it’s meant to also look like something else?

  25. Hm… so what is the solution? As hard as I tried, could only see the Mediterranean sea. Pretty bad map, with some artificial structures. Is that supposed to be a body of someone imposed on a map of Europe? What is it? Didn’t spot it yet :(

  26. I do believe I’ll be able to see this years from now. If you start to look deeper in to this picture you’ll see two eyes and ………

  27. Saw it after reading the description. Saw the boot, and figuered it out from there. i live in N.A., so it mite hav taken me a little longer

  28. Why is this an illusion? It’s obviously the Mediterranean Sea, though the creator got the shape of Cyprus all wrong and thinks that the Peloponnesus is an island.

  29. I tried looking at it for 30 seconds then looking at the ceiling and I saw a fish next to a whale. But maybe I’m just weird like that…

  30. surely it cant just be the Mediterranean??? i live in Europe and this is a very poor geographical map….. im guessing there is somthing hidden and it is deliberatley like this …… but i cant see it – can anyone else? =$

  31. I just see a big fat guy holding onto a triangle figure that looks like it could be a snow mobile or jet ski, something of that sort, leaping across to the right towards the section in which the figure of the boot is located, I don’t see cow or american indian. I’m guess the reason this illusion is so significant is because of all the random things people see when the map is inverted like it is.

  32. i read the description and thought it would be like the dancers that were shown a couplr of months ago. as soon as i looked at it i saw the ‘big boot’ of italy…..


  33. Some people are missing the point – what has been seen CANNOT be unseen.

    I have the same problem looking at the moon – when I was 10 some one helped me see ‘the man in the moon’ because all I could ever see was craters, and now all I can see when I look at the moon is that damned profile. Is there any method to get your brain to ‘reset’ an image like this? I’ve tried everything and can’t get rid of that damn guy.

  34. What the hell? I’ve just spent ages trying to work out what the illusion was. The fact that its an outline of the med is so obvious that I thought that there was something else in the image.

    I’m really stumped as to why people take time to get it.

  35. It’s a person I think. Lying down sideways. The two white spots are eyes. He’s wearing a strange funny big crown :D the rest is his body and deformed legs. Anyone agree?

  36. hey!!! i think i see a cow too whoever sed that. lol but i dont no why it is in the after images section lol istared for a minute but coudnt see anything after when i looked at something white. might just be me seeing the cow tho lol

  37. I saw that it was Europe immediately. I just thought there was more to it than that. I was looking for an alternative reality. I hope that everyone notices that Italy looks like a boot kicking Sicily.

  38. Well I think it’s a witch walking with a baby car in her hand.

    You see this if you laying sidewards, so turn 90 degrees to your left and you see it

    She is wearing a kind of ‘joker’ hat



  39. This picture looks like Captain Hook! The 2nd splotch from the left is Smitty stretching from a cliff holding a bag and stepping into the alligator’s mouth. Captain Hook is on the boat and the last splotch to the right is an indian!

  40. OMG! Thank you Stephanie and Christy for the belly laff this a.m. Creative minds @ work! Had been racking my brain, and its A MAP…. Italy is the first thing you see! Was trying to look deeper…

  41. This is a MAP for those that doesn’t understand it meditterean sea or how ever you spell it :p the italy shoe reminds me :P

  42. i can see 2 things. a man blowing out smoke ( the mans on the right)

    and euorope (without italy i wouldnt of seen that)

  43. its an illusion where you stare at it than close your eyes while facing light or by looking at a white piece of paper. i can still see the image am i wrong a b—d going left f—–g towards a t—

  44. Wait, so you’re supposed to see the mediterrian region? O_O But I saw that the first time I looked at the picture. x.x’

  45. I see it now, but it doesn’t look like europe on the map…is it really europe? I dont know….cause i don’t know what europe looks like really.

  46. This isn’t an optical illusion. It’s just a map of southern Europe which, like others, I spotted immediately. Stupid.

  47. at first i didn’t notice it when i was trying to figure whatever image is in there, but now i can see the DOT.. and the poster is right, i’m not able not to see it anymore.

  48. Italy Turkey blah blah its europe!!! -at first i thought it was an really old woman wearing a crown cooking in a big pot-_- taked me 20 min.!!!

  49. It’s exactly Mediterranean in black! I can see at above Italy, Spain, Turkey in white. At the right down corner is a part of Red sea..

  50. Actually for all these people trynna found out what it is , its not anything , unless you look at it for like 30 sec. then look somewhere else . Cuz its a afterimage .

  51. it is the English channel bottom white is France top white is England’s bottom and the black is the English channel!

  52. Why don’t people simply say what the so call illusion is meant to be.
    I might be dumb but what the #$%$%$ is the ILLUSION meant to be!
    Its rubbish how so many on this site seem to treat others like idiots with stupid “ILLUSIONS” like this. The idea I thought of this sight is to share illusions, not hide them!

  53. ok… it is one of those “stare at it for 30 seconds, then look away and blink rapidly” images, the actual optical allusion is a man looking down, or at least, that’s what I saw.

  54. It isn’t Europe exactly… it’s the Mediterranean and Black sea. You actually see bits of Europe Asia and Africa. Oh and on the bottom right corner a bit of the red sea

  55. Um… I can still see it… Is it supposed to go away after a day or something? it’s been a few minutes and I can still see it… If you want to know what it is, read on…if you don’t then don’t..
    I think it’s a ban holding a bag and I don’t know a whole a other bunch of people trying to get that bag…if you know what I mean…

  56. personaly after staring at the dot and looking at a blank sheet of white paper I seen what looked like a dragon blowing fire….

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