Another Awesome Mona Lisa Illusion

If you don’t remember Artem, he’s the “guilty” one for many cool optical illusions we saw on this site. His latest find is this interesting picture below. I think he scanned it from some poster book. In short, the illusion below holds an interesting motive we saw many times on this site in the past. I think the title says it all. Basically, what you should do, is to move away from your screen (or narrow your eyes) until you see a portrait of famous girl, done by genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you find this quite amazing, be sure to notice another interesting effect those lines below create. I’m not sure if it’s only me, or do they make picture bent in some way? Dunno… Also, here are some more similar illusions of this type: Marylin Monroe in pixels, Einstein in Dices, Hybrid Images, How TV Works

45 Replies to “Another Awesome Mona Lisa Illusion”

  1. Cool illusion. please stop that noice that comes on everytime you open this page though! Does anyone else hear it? I have this as a widget and whenever I click on it to open it up it plays this loud annoying sound and i have to turn my volume off. Plaese take it off!!!

  2. a brilliant illusion! a couple of recent ones have had me stumped but this one was easy! thankyou! :D, oh and GossipGirly112, i dont hear it :S

  3. I saw Mona immediately. After a closer look, I was amazed, it’s like it wasn’t there, but I saw it.

    GossipGirl, I don’t get any sound or noise at all.

  4. Wow–that is truly amazing! I was easily able to see it, too. :-) In fact, I couldn’t make it go away–it must be one of those ones that stick in your mind because even as I’m writing this, I still see it! Very cool illusion.

    (And gossipgirly, I don’t hear the sound either.)

  5. Gossip girly…. Are you by any chance under the age of 20? I think that mosquito ringtone ad makes noise.

    Anyway, the illusion is pretty cool, but i could see it without moving back

  6. I saw the Mona Lisa right away. Not a favorite but its okay. I like illusions that really stump me or that i have to look at for a while to see (as much as it bugs me when i cant figure them out)

    And yes- I too hear the noise and agree its kind of annoying.

  7. Ya I hear that noise too. It’s from some annoying pop up add. I remember you saying a few days ago that you will try to remove them. That would rock

    Oh ya the illusion……got nothing to say

  8. For gossipy girl, i hear the sound too, it’s the opening of the escape of the crismon room, it annoys me too. it will go away when there are just a few more illusions i guess.
    Great illusion! ;)

  9. Mona Lisa is a great person that became famous for her devil smile. If this sophisticated picture wasn’t on everybody’s lips, we could scarcely make out what we see.

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