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By on June 8, 2011, with 25 Comments

If you are following our Facebook channel by now you probably noticed there is this particular fellow who regularly comes up with some incredible optical illusion pictures. Not only that, but all of the illusions he submits are of his own creation! The person in talk here is Anh Pham, and fortunately for us he is one of our regular fans! I have seen this “kid’s” craft evolve over time, and what amazes me is how each new work he does is better than his last. Just check out some of his latest moving patterns attached in this post. The effect is truly amazing, and the influence by some of the legendary optical illusion masters (like Akiyoshi Kitaoka) is more than obvious. Which of these seemingly moving patterns works best for you?

Anh Phams Incredible Patterns
Anh Phams Incredible Patterns
Anh Phams Incredible Patterns
Anh Phams Incredible Patterns


25 Responses
  1. Nisheeth says:

    Another h=great illusion.
    For me the third one works the best, then the fourth, then the second, and finally the first

  2. Care Bear says:

    Timothy Leary, eat your heart out.

  3. How right you are Vurdlak. He is a great up and coming Artist. His work is nothing short of GREAT. I admire him with great envey.

  4. anon says:

    I think that the stuff that isn’t part of the moving patterns detract from the illusion because they are stationary. I’d love to see these without that.

    • Natalie says:

      I was about to say that, also — that the stationary objects make the illusion harder to see.

      But then I considered this: the illusion works when viewed with your peripheral vision. If you look directly at it, it appears to hold still. If you look to the side (where it has the categories listed), the picture seems to move.

      Maybe the objects were placed in the picture to give you something to look at so that you see the pattern around it with your peripheral vision. Just a guess.

      #1 and #3 have the most movement for me. But I like the hidden message of #2: Einstein is driving the plane that is traveling past clocks. It’s Einstein’s theory that time travel is possible.

  5. Holman says:


  6. Maria Ruth Rizzo says:

    i didn’t see them “move” but i did see them in 3D it was very cool!

  7. This guy says:

    I have been following this blog for so long that now this type of illusions don’t work for me. WHY? :(

  8. Kimon Frousios says:

    The first one works best for me. The other’s are almost still.

  9. Eizabeth says:

    these are really awsome!!!!

  10. Lizzy says:

    yeah i cant see any motion in any of these pictures

  11. Scott says:

    THe first one vibrates in/out of the page while I stare at it.

    The other 3 move in/out while I scroll the web page up/down (particularly as they cross in/out of view at the edge of the browser); othewise, they’re just pretty pictures but they don’t move on their own.

    At the same time, I’m ready to turn over the USS Enterprise to the enemy.

  12. Anh Pham says:

    with this kid of illusion,
    The slower the pictures move, the better your ability of handling stress, some spychologists use moving picture to test patients. Google it if u dont believe. So dont worry if its not moving :)

  13. Richard says:

    I would also like to see them without the stationary objects, but having said that, they are amazing images. Is the guy chinese? I ask because the chinese seem to be able to take a great idea and make it better and these are certainly better than the earlier designs like these.

  14. ZL123 says:

    The first one, the second, the fourth and the third, in order of which work best for me. :)

  15. Cyphis says:

    I see all rotation. All of them rotate. The first clockwise, and the rest counter-clockwise. Others seem to see the image rippling in and out. I wish I could experience that aspect as well =(

  16. Sunset says:

    I think that the 3rd then the 2nd then 4th then the 1st works best

    Peace dudes

  17. David Blair says:

    Awesome!!!!!!! I would have to say that this is in my Top Ten list of Optical Illusions that I have ever seen!!!!!

  18. Morgen says:

    The middle 2 “tunnels” move most easily for me, and the rhombus (first one) works. The 4th doesn’t move, though. The one with Einstein is probably the best – it seems to move when looking at it directly! Amazing work!

  19. Slammer says:

    That first one is the best. I’d love to know how he managed to create a seemingly circular room with a vortex spinning in the middle. And as for the stationary objects, they don’t seem to make a difference to me. As long as you keep moving your eyes, it works!

  20. Georgia says:

    r they meant to move FAST?

  21. uraib says:

    cool looks like a strawberry shake spinning:)

  22. Casper says:

    Wow this 1st one is so good. It really puts this kind of illusions to another level!

  23. ashlynn says:

    i thought they were all gay and very easy to get!! a three yr old could figure it out! like seriously!

  24. Renn says:

    Now that is a talented man indeed. INCREDIBLE!

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