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By on November 3, 2006, with 19 Comments

What you see in this image below is 1535 wood carving by Erhard Schön. The picture appears to be scribbled black ink, but features the condensed images (from left to right) of Charles V, Ferdinand I Pope Paul III, and Francis I. It can be expanded (about 6:1 horizontally) on a computer and rotated 90° counterclockwise. If you jump inside this article, you can see what the original Erhard Schön picture really hides. There is one more example inside. The other way to look at anamorphic images like these, is to stand just below the painting and look up, then you can see it. Previously I posted some anamorphic photos, that work on a same principle, yet different approach to this phenomena. See: Jules Verne in cylinder mirror, Walt Disney, anamorphic tea cups

Anamorphosis Illusions
Anamorphosis Illusions
Anamorphosis Illusions
Anamorphosis Illusions


19 Responses
  1. What is this? says:

    photoshopped beyond belief!!!

    • happydoodle says:

      it’s not really an illusion, and it’s definitely not the best, but I guess you can’t really say it’s the *worst.*

  2. -dragon- says:

    Considering it was made in 1535, before either photoshop or the modern computer, I highly doubt that it is a photoshop.

  3. dudette says:

    whoa duuuuude saweet.

  4. dudette says:

    WHOA duuuude, saweet.
    I’ve seen these b4

  5. him says:

    ive seen these before, and i like em

  6. thank u says:

    what the heck is that? i could never have seen this with the naked eye

  7. no likey name says:


  8. OK says:

    A time machine and photoshop! can’t you see that? come on people!

  9. Pandas says:

    ok now, that’s creepy. i dont get the first one

  10. chick says:

    I’m not sure if I like it….still pondering how creepy it almost is

  11. ilikechocolate<3 says:

    isnt it supposed to b photoshopped???and if not i dont think it would be that hardfor a good artist to do

  12. i*is*awesome says:

    it IS pretty cool… i went to paint and copied the pic b4 i realized they put the word under the pic… heh heh.. anyway u dont have to photoshop it u can just copy paste and then make any picture u want be skinnier, fatter, taller, shorter, or smaller. <:d

  13. Habby says:

    if you look at them when your eye level they look like that

  14. megan says:

    its not photoshopped. i used to draw like that all the time. you have to hold the picture horizontal in front of your eyes, and look down the sheet of paper. they are fun to make :)

  15. Bob says:

    if u stretch out a rubber band and write something on it then release it it will look like that.

  16. Marie says:

    not an illusion at all, just scrunched up drawings

  17. raida says:

    its weird. . .

  18. muhdmirza says:

    man soapy smith baby doe illution make’s me headache aahhhh… shit and it hurt my eye’s too…

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