“Anamorphosis” by Luc d’Hanis

I’m glad that my writer’s block lasted this short, and hopefully I’ll be swinging back in full rhythm now. Am not sure if you noticed, but I’ve added “Top 10 Optical Illusions” section at the bottom of my sidebar. Based on your ratings, only the best optical illusions will automatically appear there. There are some rules though – optical illusion need to have at least 5 votes before they can candidate themselves. I hope that in time, all of the posts will get much more votes than needed. Hopefully as time goes by, we will have credible leaderboard of top optical illusions. I’m very excited about this new feature. What else do you suggest? I’m closely listening to your suggestions, and currently the best one I heard is advice to create some kind of a form, where you could submit your articles, images, etc… so they are completely ready, just waiting for me to approve them. Will keep you informed about this…

Today’s gallery is called “Anamorphosis“, and was created by Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert. This technique is very well understood by our old visitors, but if you’re a newbie you may want to check the Anamorposis category first. In today’s example when porcelain platters meet reflective object, the distorted drawings of precious birds on the platter become perfectly reflected on the bottles or cups. The awareness of the birds’ potential extinction emerges only when objects are carefully aligned as a pair. The distorted drawings on the platters only reveal themselves when you place a reflective object in the middle of the platter. Hope you’ll enjoy these “minimalistic” optical illusion photos. Oh, by the way – don’t forget to vote after you check our archived illusions. We need as many votes possible, to bring some credibility to out “top illusions” leaderboard.

The secret is revealed when you place a reflective object in the middle of the platter.
The secret is revealed when you place a reflective object in the middle of the platter.

Here you may check some more Anamorphic examples:

18 Replies to ““Anamorphosis” by Luc d’Hanis”

  1. Cool! I would like a set of those dishes for my holiday dinners. They are pretty before you know what secret they hold.
    i myself have writer’s block occassionally. i just try something (another hobby) else for a while then it just comes back, but glad yours is over

  2. Nice.

    I wanted to try these kinds of optical illusion at home. You know, this one and the 3d chalk drawing (on the smaller scale.) If someone can give me the basic theory/calculation on the distortion proccess, it would be great. Either way, I’ll try it some time some weekend.

  3. Neat! One of my uncles used to have a set of these plates in our old hunting cabin — he had a chromed tube he’d place in the center, and we kids got to see a “slide show” of an African safari sequence as he switched plate after plate. He also had a lampshade on a mirrored base that did the same. Has anyone else seen those kinds of lampshades?

  4. These are wonderful! I’ve never seen so many at once.
    When I was very young, (not long after wax cylinders were used to record ;) there were records that had anamorphic designs on the label. There was a kind of faceted cylindrical mirror that fit on the spindle so you could see the images as the record played. In my mind’s eye the records were yellow and the mirror had a red tent-top with a little flag, like a circus tent.

    (My current writers’ block has lasted twelve years. (Sob) The previous ones had lasted up to six years, twice. In between, I was Brilliant! I used to be a writer, even an author, and I miss it dreadfully.)

    Read your interview – you are an amazing character! The picture is VERY Hunter S. Thompson. This site has been one of my favorites for a long time; your energy has become a touchstone.

    1. That’s damn right! I remember my vinyl copy with the record’s sleeve printed with kind a instructions to do the job with the record’s jacket and the piece of silver paper it comes with. Nice 70s memories. Taka care my friend.

  5. Now I REALLY wanna learn how to make one of those! (But we all know if I learn how, I’m definitely making more than one, right? :D:D:D:D:D!!!)

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