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By on May 18, 2006, with 23 Comments

Remember my previous (and apparently succesfull) post on Anamorphism, called “Cylinder Mirrors”? Well since it received so huge response, I decided to provide you with some more cool examples of anamorphic images shown through Tea Cups! Jump inside this article for more pictures! Amazing and cool stuff to have in your breakfast inventory. He he…

Anamorphic Tea Cups Illusion
Anamorphic Tea Cups Illusion
Anamorphic Tea Cups Illusion
Anamorphic Tea Cups Illusion
Anamorphic Tea Cups Illusion


23 Responses
  1. Denis says:


    Do you know where I could buy such cups?

  2. lulu says:

    hey denis –

    i’ve seen them for sale in art gallery gift shops

  3. M 2 the H O says:

    wow, cool cups,

  4. Lay-Lay says:

    cute cups!

  5. I Boy says:

    i always knew cups had a deeper meaning

  6. meeow =^.^= says:

    is it a real reflection? or is it just suppose to look like one?

  7. -just.my.oppinion- says:

    im pretty sure the last 3 arent reflections, because it only reflects in the middle and that are white cups…

  8. Anonymous says:

    STUPID! Come on My grandma is more entertaining than these. Show me what you can do.

  9. Goran says:

    Somewhere in Champs-Elysees, Paris, where I bought them.

  10. KClair says:

    DUDES. (And dudettes) the “white” cups are just mirrored in the middle.


  11. Anonymous says:

    They are reflections, because they also reflect the light from the saucer.

  12. Anonymous says:

    oooh cups!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You can also tell the last 3 cups are reflective because they reflect the handle of the teacup.

  14. Cheese says:

    i like the one that says “tea” on it because i could really understand what it was. i didnt get what the other ones were supposed to be. these are cool, but what’s the illusion?

  15. SenTineL says:

    I like the first one, too.
    It´s simple enough to be fascinating.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… the cups r not very interestin

    \m/ >.< \m/

  17. Susi says:

    very nice! i like one.

    but its not the cups, because they’re only mirrors, its the saucers that are cool.

    i like the first one saying tea most.

  18. heh heh. thats coolo!

  19. lolipop101 says:

    nice thats sooo cool

  20. Andy says:

    Did anyone see the movie “Anamorph”? Because it is about a bunch of murders that are only solvable by anamorphed pictures.

  21. tilmen says:

    This is a cool website with lots of stuff.(The best illusions web page).Anamorphic images were the best.I’m nearly finishing checking all the pages.That was a great journey.

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