Ambigrams For The Davinci Code Movie

An Ambigram is a sentance or a single word that is written in such way, that it becomes readable even if you rotate it. John Langdon is a father of ambigrams. In 19070s, trying to do with words what Escher does with images, he invented what came to be known as “ambigrams”. He did work for The Da Vinci Code movie, and to my knowledge, he was an inspiration to Dan Brown for his main character called Robert Langdon. John’s ambigrams apeared not only in the movie, but also in original David Brown’s books: “Angels & Demons” and “The Davinci Code”. Check out these cool ambigrams he created, and don’t forget to visit his website for more amazing illusion examples.

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  1. Too bad there weren’t ambigrams in The Da Vinci Code…only anagrams. The ambigrams were in Angels and Demons. Still pretty cool.

  2. i’ve got a great way to make ambigram, i’ll share it with you: write whatever you want on a piece of paper, then flip it over, then try to see before the second letter if theres anything that resembles a little duck so that you can imagine what it’s thinking, or more importanly, what it would think about you if he saw you. Then write at the top of the word what you think he believed you looked like and try to figure out how did you get so far reading this when it makes no sense =).

    I’m happy

  3. I got really good at doing ambigrams (did not know they were called that) one day in math when I was really bored. I found out how to do the name of every one in my class, and all my family, and all my close friends, and my teacher.

  4. Rachel, the second word is langdon, that is the main character in the da vinci code and other books by dan brown.

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