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By on June 2, 2007, with 160 Comments

All of these were submitted by user that wishes to remain anonymous. I can’t blame him, considering improper debates some of our “immature” users started in previous body paint comments. I wish to remind you this is art, and I just hope all of you are mature enough to understand it. Even if these models were completely naked (which they are), it would still be art. Now when we cleared this, we can start describing these illusions. If you jump inside this article (or if you came here by optical illusion of the day widgets, you are already inside the post), you will see bunch of amazing camouflage body paintings. Some models like the first one, are painted in a way to camouflage with their background, and some are professionally painted to appear they are wearing clothes. Which one do you find most amazing? I like the first one most, because I’m big fan of camouflage illusions. Enjoy, and please share the link! You can also visit body paint category for more…

  • art

    # one is the best

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! These are amazing! I love your site!

  • Anonymous

    wow – so technically, can the models still say they posed nude?

  • Fan of the Site

    I love these types of illusions, and not because im a prev. there cool. and whoever makes preverted comments, thats wrong. And if you think its disgusting, thats your problem and I think god gave us uor bodies for a reason.

  • Zack

    these are amazing, go cubs!

  • Anonymous

    # 3 and 5 are the best, they look so real

  • me

    how come those girls have to show so much of thier body huh?!

  • airrle

    Why do they need to dress like that??!!

  • Olivia

    Yeah these are cool! Number 4 looks fake though, but w/e they still look good nyway! I like them all but 2,3,5 and 6 look the best!!!! Also why are they so…so…revealed??? Girls are always revealed like that! WTH???

  • Anonymous

    That is so cool! The last two look so real!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand how the third one is painted if she has her thumb under the paint.

  • Anonymous

    the show off they’re bodies cuz they can

    i mean look at them they’re hot

    and #2 is the best

  • Anonymous

    her thumb is painted too, she just put her hand there so it looks like its under the painted suit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The third one must be wearing something on her lower half.

    Uhhhhh – how can I say this delicately…?… I can’t see the silhouetting that I would expect.

  • Anonymous

    I do believe that the swimsuits are from Sports Illustrated..from last year’s issue. I work with a Cubs fan and that Cubs pic is on the wall in his cubicle…..

  • Anonymous

    The whole perverted thing, you are kinna asking for it.

    They’re cool illusions, but do they all have to make the nipples so obvious. Like I say, asking for it.

    Fan of the site, we have our bodies for a reason… To paint clothes on them, obviously.

  • Anonymous

    the first image is real art. although I have seen similar images before, it takes true artistic talent to get the shading just right.

  • psychic17
  • Anonymous

    Now make one that shows the pple dressed like those Hasidic women…

  • Thomas Siefert

    It’s a little known fact that Borat’s bathing suit was painted on as well.

  • pamela

    beautiful visuals!!!
    very talented painter and the canvas… none better

  • Anonymous

    This is a good idea… I have troubles finding clothes that would fit me perfectly… :D

    Great art, by the way… if you dont think about what’s underneath the paint, then its not gross… *wink*

  • Anonymous

    magnifico!!!no.1 and no.5 are superb,congrats to our artists,the female body is a great canvas.

  • Anonymous

    I like four, five, and six best… I’m not a lesbian, I just like the way they did ’em !

  • Anonymous

    i beleive the girls in these pictures should be ashamd of them selfs

  • courtney

    that last one is really amazing. thats all there is to it.

  • Anonymous

    i suddenly love the cubs

  • Anonymous

    I’m suddenly a cubs fan

    you can see her boobs

  • Anonymous

    I’m amazed at the comments made by some people on here. If you don’t like what you see, why bl***y look at it in the first place?!! I love looking at this kind of art, it’s facinating at the raw talent some people have, and those girls are just models with the liberty to say yes or no!! Get a life geeks, or get laid… One of the two!!!

  • Anonymous

    that first bathing suit one looked so real!

  • Anonymous

    Oooo The pink bikini is very cute!! they look so real its amazing

  • Matt

    I like #2 and 4. 4 is cute!

  • Anonymous

    Number 2 is my personal favorite.I also like the one with the pink bikini

  • Aurora101

    how can they be painted?? I was expecting somwthing more, noticeable. But this is amazing!

  • Anonymous


  • whatsup

    They are all so beautiful
    I think it would be awsome to be able to paint all of those picture
    They should do a better job covering their tits though
    I would like to hug one of the models

  • Anonymous

    how do they paint the lower half??

    could be better whit more cloth on, but still naked.

    like the 1 one best!

  • woman

    men shouldn’t be looking at women that way. It is a work of art but guys shouldn’t be leaving those inappropriate comments. It’s the beauty of nature. the women can’t help if they’re hot or not. It’s the way they were created. They weren’t put on this webdsite to be comented nastily by stupid perverts. If guys keep making those comments, they will end up alone without any respect. Thank you for taking the time to read this! =D <3

  • KcoT

    that’s really cool!!!!! it’s really decieving, especially the last one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Body Art is amazing. I am 10, but I do not think this is gross. I love seeing the himan body transformed into masterpieces.

  • Morgan

    Sweetie, i have never seen the ‘himan’ form before. I think the body art on the human form above is beautiful tho! =P

    Man, the person who did the last one must have had a steady hand! Doesn’t that tickle?

  • dinesh

    i hav just bcum a fan of this beautiful site its wonderful that these artist are able to boggle u with their wonderful works

  • Anonymous

    this site is just amazing i hav bcum a fan of it

  • Gina

    To the simpleton who can’t understand how her thumb is under the paint… Her thumb is painted. Don’t fill out a MENSA form anytime soon,

    The reason you don’t see pubic hair, is because the artist uses a kind of putty over that area so that it is smooth.

  • Merv

    I would luv to help clean the paint off!

  • Anonymous

    these arnt any freakin illusions its just the creater of this site being a pig

  • Chris

    The bathing suit ones appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition once, years ago.

  • FabMauritius

    i don’t love the site i love the girl

  • iseethruyou

    exuse me “woman” if these girls diddn’t want to show off their bods to this website then its their choice. they wouldnt have got naked and painted clothes on them if the chose not to. its not our fault your jelous of them.

  • Anonymous

    dude you have a f-ing awesome job!!!!!(i could fill in fr you if you are sick)

  • Anonymous

    be better whit no paint


    • Veggies

      Gross!!! You know, your a TRUE pervert

    • Fornicater

      yeah, i’d be pretty ok with the no paint thing too. but this is still pretty sweet

  • Anonymous

    Man that chick is hot and sexy. Would so be better with no paint.

  • Anonymous

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of the guys who get to put the paint on these chicks!

    • S.L.J.

      Who said it was a guy? haha!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to be that artist

  • Anonymous

    The artist(s) that did that must be really good to make it look real or camoflage (or however you spell it) i would of never have guessed it was fake from a distance! Nice Work! *clap*

  • Anonymous

    Number twos HOT!!!

  • Lily

    I bet that half of these painters are girls for you sick minded people. And it would be nice if some had guys. It kinda makes it sexist if all are women.

    • HarryMansteak

      If you think about it, women are much easier to paint, since their sexual organs are internal, I don’t really see how you could paint over a males genitalia and make it look like he’s wearing a swimsuit. Catch my drift? XD

  • Miera

    ew! so they are naked!

    • wawa

      Duh! Body paint! Hello?

  • me


    they are soooo sexy.

    • hellooo

      @ Lily

      yeah but if they were guys they’d have their dick sticking out ( not to mention their balls )so yeah it’s not really the same thing.

  • ticklesthecat


  • forget being the painter id rather be the paint.

  • me

    oh yeah…

  • tyler smith

    these chicks are amzing. I would love to wash the paint OFf these girls. They are so f-ing hot,
    I bet they would be hot in bed.

    I bet maisha my girlfriend would look super hot naked.

    I love you maisha!!!

    • Brian

      She does Tyler!!!!

  • hello guyz

  • Kerberos

    I so knew they were fake clothes! I wonder if these people actually went out in public with these…it’d be so weird/awkward!

    • Michael

      There are plenty of pics all over the net of babes walking around in public with clothes just painted on. I’ve seen a couple videos too, and people around them are generally completely oblivious. There have been a couple where you see the people realize what’s going on and point.

  • Booker

    Grow up some of you and look at the cleverness and delight of the art!

  • Grace

    I know why he wants to be anonumus

  • hmmm..let’s me to paint your body girll…

  • kashif


  • this is really artistic…

  • Leon

    Picture 5 actually had me fooled, these are all well done. Kudos to the artist(s) who done this.

  • Vay

    its very very big illusions.
    nice artistic

  • great presentation and photographic style, beautiful…

  • no.1 picture is amazing. so real masquerade.

  • Ink

    what paint do they use? wanna try it with someone…

  • Jon

    I think that its amazing the detail the artist puts into this, since in most of these at first glance it seems almost as if they are actually wearing those. I once watched a report on body art, and how they will sometimes glue pieces of string or other things to really complete the illusion, didn’t see much of that here.

    Yeah, total babes too.

  • sue@handmade Cushions

    Pity my husbands not an artist we could have some fun. Guess I will have to settle for the spray cream!!!

  • horny

    i think #1 is so sexy!!

  • bs

    number 4 dosnt look real enough

  • I want to know what is the best paint to use and where do iget it cheep

    • rosalie

      the brand *grimas* is a professional skin paint brand. It’s waterbased, and comes right off with water. doesn’t get greasy.

  • Thanks for sharing. So amazing body paint art

  • Aeva

    I’m 99.9% sure that’s Rebecca Romijn…

  • Quincy

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of the lesbians who get to put the paint on these chicks!

  • ME

    Come on guys! You people are freaking perverts. It’s just a form of art and I’m sure he takes his/her work seriously, unlike you disgusting pigs!

    • Viktor Malibog

      So what if i get a hardon should i paint any of the beautiful girls. If possible i would like to date and lay them for the night.that’s but natural. If you think that’s pervert,examine yourself maybe you are not normal. FUCK YOU ! !

    • William

      There is a fine line between inappropriate and appropriate reactions to provocative art, especially in with the last picture. There’s nothing wrong with finding them sexually appealing but you don’t talk about how you want to have sex with them, it’s not really the point. It’s art, not porn.

  • Fantastic collection!!

  • Superjenny

    Wow. The first and last ones are amazing. The first because it is pure art, and she blends in so very well, and the last one because, even close up, my mind had difficulty grasping that it was paint and not actual clothes. Stunning, fantastic art.

  • Cool body painting.

  • Just two words for the guy who doesn’t think you can paint a guy’s junk:


  • Get Over Yourself

    To all the people who called us pererts…IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE ;) nah but being serious, its really awesome and as for painting male genitals, when theres a will theres a way!

  • Alia

    I love the first and third picture. These are amazing and very very well done! It makes me happy to see this. It doesn’t hurt that the females are amazingly gorgeous. It sucks that a painter must feel the need to be Anonymous, but it is how the world goes.

  • aliyah

    it would be nice for there to be sum guys but just because they have dicks and balls doesn’t change anything. The just put their junk undies

  • It’s amazing collection.
    I love the first one that brick wall …..

  • swimsuit collection!! just a thought, what happens when these CELEBCURRY beauties go for a swim in the ocean?

  • HellBoy

    i wish that was my job…

  • Asif

    Although camouflage was excellent but I would say lingerie was very realistic as it actually is semi nude. I hope these paints are waterproof and safe to jump in beach water, otherwise……..

  • Ana

    Dude this freaking awesome some the pictures mostly the one with girl on bathing suits,not a pervert though. blew me off because she’s wearing a bathing suit but then I remember there all naked! I am just amazed how skill this person is because i actually truly did thought it was real dam this person has some major skills. I’m 14 I’m mature about this, everything looked so real man i give props to the guy or girl who did this fantastic job.

  • perv

    wish i had the job of painting them (might use my whole had for painting their boobs XD

  • alleycat594

    wow thats crazy!!!

  • Raj

    nice pics

  • the top one is art, the rest are not.

    • Eric B

      so uh, only the top one takes thought, creativity, thought, planning and talent? not art because, what, ’cause they’re sexy? art is sexy all the time. these aren’t the best body works i’ve seen, but i dare you to make something remotely as good. you can use me as a canvas.

    • Mackenzie

      Yes! The clothes are painted on the woman’s bodies! You can tell….

  • Dr Avnesh

    Body art is yet unexplored field ,lots of scope and open space.

  • herky stubby

    I agree with Tierra. The first one is the body paint art while the next pictures are not. THey are like tshirts only.

  • k

    Who cares about art? We want porn!

  • Maria

    Wow is very very nice!!!! Some seem real clothes!!!

  • A. S. Bhasker Raj

    Real creativity art.

    The girls should be prepared to go nude and ready to get painted in all the private parts of the body.

  • kae

    as a bodypainter/makeup artist i would just like to say that all of these are art. just because one is a brick wall and the other are clothes doesnt change the fact that someone spent probably hours painting and perfecting it. someone throws paint at a canvas and its considered art. someone paints random shapes in different colors and its considered art. but someone paints almost realistic looking clothes on someone and its not art? that just doesnt even make sense…

  • denise

    These are all clearly art. -.-‘ Why do you think the title is “Amazing Body Paint Art”? You can tell it’s art because if the clothes blend in with the skin. As in there’s not a layer on them like when you actually wear closes duh. Clothes don’t blend in with people. No matter how tight they are.

  • brenda

    wow… I don’t relize pic no 3, I thought she wearing a sweamwear…

  • AJAY


  • karrollann

    there all art and u can tell there all fake just by looking at them but they are realy good

  • nawaf

    nice art with nice girls

  • amit kanchan

    really its amazing…no nudity is seen anywhere,,,some places u nvr expect weather its dress or paint…

  • Abdullah

    this is the ultimate moral and ethical Decadence.

  • Shay

    Wow. These really are amazing.
    I love to see body paint art. (Not because of the naked people. I’m a girl, for Christ’s sake) It’s so unexplored, and it really takes skill; arguably more than it takes to seamlessly Photoshop a picture or paint on a flat canvas. The body has curves, people, so it takes concentration, time, and skill. Call it porn or ‘just like T-shirts’ if you like, but it’s all so beautifully done that I don’t understand how you can’t call it art.

    • Awesome I

      I totally agree.

  • Luke

    I like body painted art coz of the naked humans, thats what makes it interesting, if we wanted no nudity, we would look at regular fashion, the people being naked is what makes this creative and thus art.

  • Jason

    That’s the coolest thing ever! I would love to see more pics of hot women with painted on clothes walking around my town…no such luck.

  • The Equalizer

    The body art paint optical illusions are great. I think I like the first one best.

  • Rose

    kay to all the porn lovers and art haters who have made unnecesary comments on this page just give it a rest. you make stupid comments to either try and act cool or to put someone else down to make youself feel better so really if you dont like it then just change the page and stop leaving unesesary comments. because your not making yourself look cool, your making your self look like a superficial playboy who didnt graduate because he was to busy having sex and watching porn.

    • poopyhead

      says the virgin

  • Rose

    by the way i love the art it shows creativity and true art that cant be expressed only on papers on canvas. so all in all they are all 10’s amd they are all well painted.

  • AKA

    Te 3rd one isn’t real unless they painted her thumb and lined it up perfectly with the paint pattern and such.

  • William Richardson



    4th one is looking hot and sexy but see dnt looking as better thn kangna .

  • kalim

    I like it all painting but where is the main thing boobs no niple

  • jim

    nice but if you look hard enough you can see nipple i understand that but how do you hide the pussy lips haha

  • Elias

    This is art for sure.good work

  • The last one has very firm features.

  • huulo

    the creek is not visible. It means they have panty on and it might be painted.

  • I Love The Artwork, Yeah! That is definitely what I’m admiring…

  • me

    they’er cool and all of em r sexyyyyy

  • Warren Stafford

    Beauty trump all the BEST form of art.
    Brick walls are for brick layers or military
    applications even though the artistic sense wasgood it wasn’t pretty

  • girlygirl

    im a girl and those are sexy pics i want to kiss them

  • tabssum

    i love 3rd pic

  • connoiseur

    All but the first one and maybe the last one are straight from the body paint sections of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue from the last few years. You’ll also find (on both their website and the magazine) extensive interviews with the artist – a female who is NOT a lesbian – and with the models, as well as “how it was done” articles.

  • pankaj

    A Real Attachment to the Feelings By Body Art can u feel it….& sence it!!

  • No brainer

    I wonder how they painted the pussy, can’t even see the slit in between the thighs.

  • nandvand

    vow. beautiful art wish i could do it
    hats off for those clothes off and yet not off

  • Really Amazing !!!

  • Cheeky Bugger

    If you did not know you would think the model is just wearing a swim suit, I like the one where they have painted her thumb to blend in. Great imagination.

  • Sarah

    The artist who painted the girls is a New Zealander (who currently lives in America) called Joanne Gair, she has her own website and has painted many famous people including drew barrymore, demi moore, heidi klum, madonna and marissa miller to name a few. She has been body painting for years it is her specialty and was asked to paint models for Sports Illustrated which is where those pictures are from, the last picture is hers too but its actually a type of vivid she used on the model, not paint, but amazing all the same. Check out the rest of her work

  • poopyhead

    its called porn. not art. you can make excuses all day as to how its art, but ur not going to let your young child look at it because its porn. artistic porn but still porn

  • James

    *wipes off drool*

  • Celine

    You can paint me any time !!!