Amazing 3D Trompe Loeils

We have posted many amazing chalk drawings and murals in the past, but this collection beats them all! All of the photos in this post were collected, and submitted by one of our fans named Adriano. If you jump inside this post you will see that every Mural is Trompe L’Oeil (“fool the eye”), and has it’s belonging photo of the same site, before it was painted. Magnificent! Which one did you like the most? More: Murals Category, 3D Sidewalk Drawings.

22 Replies to “Amazing 3D Trompe Loeils”

    1. the problem is that if you look at it from a different angle then everything would be stretched out. You also have to close one eye when you are looking at it in real life.

  1. Those are sooo cool!!! I wish I could do that on the door of my room or something!
    yeah, the black and white ones are the “before” pictures. :)

  2. Theres a cool mural at California Adventure amusement park in Aneheim that is like a mix of a picture and a real building.

  3. These are all awesome pictures. The B/W’s are the “before” pictures of the surfaces that were painted with the illusion pictures.

  4. I’ve seen Trompe Loeils on a smaller scale, in people’s houses and all, but this is mind boggling. Everyone needs to have his or her mind boggled now and them. Loosens things up and get the imagination flowing.

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