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By on April 7, 2011, with 56 Comments

Creative artist Alicia Martin has been “constructing” amazing installations using nothing but mere books. What we have here today is part of the collection called ‘Biographies‘. One particular photographs was pointed out to me as being illusive. Apparently, the books in it are sorted in such way to give an illusion of peel-of wall corner. Unfortunately, after inspecting the image further I found no evidence in favor of the illusion, but I’m gonna leave this one for you to decide! If the illusion is genuine, then it really is awesome! Much like fake door opening was!

  • fossda

    dont get it

    • jackie

      I clearly see it. It looks like the wall is almost like a page in a book. The page is coming open.

  • Voigt_Meister

    It has to be peeled off, otherwise we would see the corner line continue down to the bottom.

    • Tord

      No, its just like an original corner, only that she cramped a bunch of books together and placed another smooth sheet of paper that looks like a curving wall. Problem solved.

  • Grace

    It does look like the books are coming back from a paper/wall thing.

  • oxy kutz

    i think it looks like a shark. :)

  • Typeaux

    If the illusion is real, then it is impossibly good. I can usually figure out these POV illusions fairly quickly, but it this is an actual illusion, how she managed to eliminate the corner shadow altogether is some very creative work (and perhaps some very expensive lighting equipment). In all, I would guess this is NOT an illusion. (I would like to see the artist statement, if one exists.)

  • t

    It’s not an illusion, there is a false wall placed to make the installation appear that books are flowing into the room through the wall.

  • It appears to me to be nothing more than a lot of books bulging thru a corner of a room……:)

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    • ali

      Woah, simmer down. Perhaps the moderator has a life.

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  • Care Bear

    I don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see. I’m just not sure which half this goes in. Hmmm.

  • Jupiter

    I don’t see an illusion… I see a piece of poster board laid over a pile of books to make it look like its coming out of the wall. Some books (particularly the ones on the upper part of the pile) are cut off…. unless there are a lot more triangle shaped books out there then I was aware of then this is just a clever picture too look like books are busting from the wall but it is not an illusion.

  • paul

    you dont see it?
    it looks like the next room is soo full of books, the corner poped and books started spilling out

  • TacoDave

    There’s no illusion at all. It’s just books piled against a white fake wall until it gave in to the weight of them.

  • Jimmy

    I think the illusion is NOT that the books form the wall peeling, but rather that the art installation camoflauges the modification to the wall and makes it looks like the books are spilling out from inside the wall.
    (ie. “if these walls could talk…”)

  • Dolphin

    It’s cool,and still would be if it wasn’t an illusion…

  • Well, it’s possible that the illusion isn’t so much in the wall but in the books. Gravity seems to be non-existent here.

  • josephine

    The wall is curved, so the only question is whether there are cut up books attached to the wall or if they are actually stuck there.

  • Steve

    Agree with you, there’s really no illusion here. Unless maybe if the wall that appears to be peeling off is actually a page out of a really really big book! But it is an interesting piece of art.

  • Dave

    I believe the wall is actually supposed to be bursting from holding back the books and they have conclusively spilled out of the opening, and that’s what the artist accomplished not an optical illusion but a very direct statement.

  • Melinda

    I think it is cool.

  • Olivia

    Well….I don’t know…..to me it’s a genuine illusion.

  • Jace

    I can totally see the wall peeling off. Either the books are stacked & cut or there is a large white sheet over top of them placed to llok like the wall.

  • rd

    Excellent. As if a cardboard wall is bursting open and books are pouring out. Now I have a hard time seeing it any other way.

  • mike


  • sabrina

    this is a cool illution i thought there was a paper in front of it

  • sabrina


  • ZL123

    I like it! But is it possible…

    • ZL123

      I think there’s a hole in the wall.

  • Miky Dallaire

    well… you can’t create illusion with books at places where there is no books. (beggining and ending of the peel)

    I do a lot of photography and this is just a very good idea of an artistic picture. It’s not at all an illusion.

  • Interesting photo, but I don’t think the books form an illusion, I think that really is a “peel-off” wall (or maybe I should say “peel-off wallcovering”).

  • Dull and uninteresting.

  • jeo

    dont see anything but the right angle

  • anonomyous

    i think with some paint, you can create it

  • Sergio Ramos

    yeah i cant see anything other than a false wall put in thats laid over a pile of books in a corner to “create” this illusion :\ i guess i cant see the illusion. oh well cant see em all. but still enjoyed the mystery :D

  • Dave

    yea, I’m with you. The half book rising up the corner doesn’t make me think it’s any “illusion”, only an odd photo with books behind a cardboard creating a bending wall feel. nothing really supports books being carefully stacked to create a diferent image or an illusion.

  • whoaa this is cool
    hey first comment

  • Jeffrey

    Oh. I thought the illusion was that it IS a peel back wall. This is extremely unique.

  • Tom

    They do look as if they pushed in from an adjoining room; the corner seems to have lifted under the strain.

  • philip horn

    you got me on this one?????

  • Valerie

    I don’t see it either!

  • Ryebread

    Cool i dont really get the illusion tho

  • as


  • Something is peeling, or else the top corner where the books are would allow you to see them whole.

  • billyg420

    There is no illusion here. Just a fake wall with books behind it.
    Nice artwork though!
    I like having first comment!

  • Rob

    Awesome! To me it absolutely looks like the wall is peeled off and the books are thrown in behind it. Or maybe, there are so many books behind the wall, that they’ve overflowed and pushed through. Very cool!

  • chri

    i dont get it…

  • haley

    that is really cool! but right away i could tell that it is a peice of paper not a wall

  • haley

    i was the first to comment on this, awsome!

  • Sue

    Anybody else see the woman trying to get out from behind the books?

    On the upright section of the books, there’s a blue cover that gives the appearance of a bent leg in blue jeans. Just above that is a brown book that looks like a bent arm pulling herself free. And above that is a book that looks like a turned head with dark blonde/light brown hair.

    • lencho

      I believe she used alot of clear white books to blend in to create this very good pic. She would have to have cut up and paste alot of books together.

  • Matt

    To me when I was looking at it I was thinking more of a Ray of light from a Flash light but that’s just me I guess?

  • Whatthe

    Here’s the illusion: There a a bunch of books in the corner of the room and she held up a white sheet of paper in front of the camera.

  • toodamlazy

    the books are far and theres a piece of paper closer to the camera