33 Replies to “Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo Illusion”

  1. I don’t think it works with me right. All I see are circles with a guy in the middle. And when I move my head it doesn’t work. Does it have to do with me having perfect eye sight?

  2. i agree wid pandas i see the guy getting bigger and the circles getting smaller and no i am not tilting my head back and forth

  3. This doesn’t make any sense to me, the only thing that happens is when I look at the guy in the middle the lines move but then when I look at the lines they stop moving…I don’t see no guy moving

  4. LOL, you don’t have to concentrate on anything to get it to work…..just move your head towards and away from the image. ;-)


  5. I think you have to look at the illusion as a whole. For me the circles spin inward, so the whole damn thing seems to fall with the man. Nicely done.

  6. that’s funny.. when I read the text above the circles seem to move, but if i stare at the guy in the middle as the text tels me to, it’s just a steady image.. funny, huh?

  7. wtfdtigo? I cant see anything! Does it have to do with my POOR eyesight, like Rachael with her perfect eyesight? /(`.’)\ Anyways, if you move the cursor in circles, on the image, it looks as if the circles are expanding and contracting, forcing the guy down.

  8. when you look at the person, than go with your head from back to forward, then you see it all spinning

    I’m sorry for my bad English, I come from the Netherlands..

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