Alchemists Skull Illusion

Rence and Mario from Netherlands have been using this skull pillow for few months, until they noticed there’s an illusion in it. Can you spot the illusion yourself, before reading the explanation? At least give it a try… Here’s what Mario said: “This is our pillow. We’d been sleeping on it for half a year until we noticed that the picture of a skull is actually two alchemists!!! Hopefully you’ll place our picture on the site!” Similar illusion can be seen in Aerosmith’s new album cover.

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  1. the eye sockets are their heads and the nose is a large bottle the one with the scarf is holding up. the teeth are bottles, very clever.

  2. I saw the hands immediatly, but couldnt figure out how they formed anything. It wasnt until I found the heads that I saw it. I can see how you’d miss it if you werent looking for it. very cool.

  3. It looked like a skull in the first.. concentrate.. nice way to spot the two men..
    the Illusion should be otherwise..
    spotting the two men!!
    I dunno.. I found it like that!

  4. cool pillow! i don’t understand how he could be sleeping with taht pillow for so long and not notice it. i guess it’s cuz he didn’t expect it.

  5. Amazing…the alchemists just popped into view as soon as I focussed on the right eye socket! Unfortunately, I now can’t see the skull properly…

  6. It took them half a year to figure this out?

    When I first saw it I didnt see the skull I saw the two people. THEN I saw the skull.

  7. lol come on guys its pretty easy to see both the alchemists and the skull. You just have to flick a little switch on the side of your brain entitled “ON”. Rence and Mario in holland must have been real cabbages not to have noticed it for 6 months or else they were too busy with each other!

  8. totally awesome. i know somebody who would love that pillow. btw anonymous from comment #20, they’re in the netherlands not holland. melissa, whats ur real last name cuz i think i know you and youre the person i was thinking of

  9. @ the people that don’t understand that we did’nt see it for 6 months…

    When we bought the bed-set (pillow and blanket) we did’nt even know this website.. So we were not aware or on the lookout for optical illusions. Second… the otherside of the pillow has a print 2… and the skull (we are not goth or something) was on the down-side for a long time.

    I think its a similar thing when you buy a new car… suddenly everyone has the same car! Obviously you are paying more attention to the same type of car you just bought.

  10. Nice one!Why do you people think that if somebody likes a picture with skull or something creepy must be weird or goth ? I like this one and I am not goth…nor weird…Anyway I didn’t saw anything but skull,but at the same moment the word “a two alchemist” went into my sight I saw it (0.01 sec delay)

  11. Not a big fan of these. The originals are nice. But too many remakes. ll that is needed is a darker head, and an arch made of ANYTHING overhead. Real pictures are nicer. Drawings are too easy to make this illusion and kinda annoy me. But like i said. Love the original idea, not the million remakes.

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