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By on January 24, 2010, with 18 Comments

In the beginning we had rollers and snakes, optical illusions born accidentally, probably as a by-product to some sort of color experiments. Most of them were invented by a Japanese professor, Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Since then, optical illusion societies have grown. Just look at our website, for example. Many enthusiasts began experimenting with existing material. While during the process, some of them developed their own style, adding great value to this particular topic.

Observe the patterns below, and you may find them somehow relaxing. Even though posing as static images, they manage to give you that motion feeling, making our head hurt and eyes spin. Which one was your favorite? I like the one including Volkswagen Beetles, but I believe we had that one already.

Advanced Rollers Optical Illusion

Advanced Rollers Optical Illusion

Advanced Rollers Optical Illusion

Advanced Rollers Optical Illusion


18 Responses
  1. first comment, two times in a row! there ok but i only see i vslight motion in each of the pictures.

  2. maximiwax says:

    they don’t work as well as the “normal” ones

  3. Janice says:

    Wow, these are really… deceiving. The second is my favourite, it looks like it is sucking me in.

  4. egdirbr says:

    Those are WILD! Great to look at.

  5. anonymous says:

    i dont think these were as good as the ones from before

  6. Johnny Jack Pompolla says:

    BEETLES??? o yea, crazy

  7. feather says:

    urgh! sends shivers down my spine when I look at moving picture things – but still quite cool! I like the last one best because it’s the only one that isn’t scary (to me) apart from the first one but I can’t see the first one moving.

  8. NeeL says:

    I like the VW Beetles as well, because it doesn’t matter which way you roll your eyes, the walls will always move inwards!

  9. I like them all, butmy favorate is the third one.The “fish” like things coming out of a tunnel have a 3D efffect.If I look long enough there is a lot of movement from the entire picture.

  10. DJKOMOTION says:

    the second one would definitely have to be my favorite. it kinda reminds me of back to the future

  11. 精辟句子 says:

    cool .I like them all

  12. Detective Kitty says:

    I like the last one, in my opinion it was the best one because it was the only one that worked well with me. The others didn’t move too much although the one with the cars was interesting and different…

  13. Andy Kool says:

    oh my eyes!

  14. Confuse 11 says:

    I can’t get it work. How can I work these images? What I have to do feel the illusion?

  15. Becky says:

    Have you ever had a optical illusion make you sick and almost throw up ? this one did…so weird.

  16. Becky says:

    What is it about some of these that make you sick and get headaches?

  17. SHAJIMON says:


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