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By on July 8, 2006, with 65 Comments

Check out this portrait of Abe Lincoln. It appears there’s nothing strange going on, but if you observe it more closely, you will notice that every part of his head represents something. For example: top of his head and hair are in shape of a clown… Can you spot other simmilarities? There should be seven I think, but don’t take me for granted.

Abraham Lincoln Mosaic Illusion


65 Responses
  1. ballookey says:

    His left eye looks like an upside-down snail, and the white patch below his right eye looks like a little mouse or something. Now they’re all popping out – but I’ll leave the rest to others.

  2. Kristin says:

    The left-hand side of his neck looks like a wolf or a dog’s profile

  3. The one who must not be named says:

    His neck on one spot looks like a llama

  4. JOEJOE says:

    The bottom of his nose and mouth looks like a bird type thing. It’s facing right and it’s black. Does nayone else see this?

  5. Pembo says:

    his forhead is the map of the USA

  6. Taggsfam says:

    I say His forehead looks like Wisconsin!

  7. CHIC says:


  8. byon says:

    When the picture is turned upside down, the snail is seen.

  9. CHIC says:


  10. david says:

    all the white areas of his face from his forehead down to his chin look like Africa

  11. eric says:

    its a profile of a man in wisconsin

  12. Halley says:

    Here is what I see:

    His hair is a bent-over clown (black). There is a human face looking up on his forehead (white). Right eye is an upside-down snail (black). Left cheek is a sideways raccoon (white). Shoulder is a dog or bear facing downward (black). Neck is a llama (white).

    I am sure there are more (especially around the mouth) but I can’t spot them.

    • MM says:

      Maybe the shoulder is an alpha dog, the lead dog/wolf of the pack. maybe it means he’s a leader?

  13. hannah says:

    there is a dolphin or a whale in the right hand side of his hair, it’s very small and white! ne 1 seen that? love XxhannahxX

  14. Catorr says:

    Between the clown’s feet is florida

  15. crazy girl says:

    I see 7 things proboly 8

  16. Anonymous says:

    i can see seven things some i have noticed after people said them though here they are:clown at the top,a man with a walking stick or something of the sorts at his left side of his face,the white spot under his eye looks like a rodent type thing,on his left side of his neck looks like a dog,the white spot under his beard is a llama or maybe a camel,his right eye is an upside down snail,and his mouth and nose look like a bird.but thats is my conclusion.

  17. Anonymous says:

    look at hi left sholder blade….turn the pitcher upside down it looks like a dog or bear or wolf

  18. Anonymous says:

    1) Clown-on forehead
    2) Old man with stick- left side of face.
    3) Upside down snail-right eye
    4) Rat thing- on left cheek(under eye)
    5) Man looking upwards- forehead
    6) Bird/Pheonix thing-his mouth
    7) Llama/camel- under his beard
    8) Dog/Wolf- left shoulder

  19. Anonymous says:

    Llama – bottom right
    Dog – bottom left
    Man’s Face – Forehead (white)
    Clown – Top Hair
    Whale – in clown’s feet (white)
    Mouse or Rodent
    Man Pouring Water or Walking Stick Man
    Bow Tie (Black)
    USA Map (upsidedown in the white of the forehead)
    Woman’s Face (Black in the Man’s Face profile)

  20. Anonymous says:

    under the beard is a white patch shaped a camel or sth….n the suit is shaped like a wolf…

  21. Anonymous says:

    and a chipmonk over the lama and under the bird. (no one saw that?)

  22. Anonymous says:

    there is an airplane under his nose

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is a man with a machine gun with his hand below the llama (black)

  24. Rstr5105 says:

    Part of the clown could also be construed as a map of europe & the USSR.

  25. fire_flare says:

    there is a whale or a shark between the clown’s legs. (white)

  26. bianca XD says:

    Ok I see
    1}Clown (hair)(black)
    2}Whale/dolphin (between clowns legs)(white)
    4}Snail(right eye)(black)
    5}phoenix (under nose)(black)
    6}Man with a stick or pouring H20(left side)(black)
    7}Rodent(on the left side)(white)
    8}dog/wolf(facing down)(black)

    it waz pretty kool!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Turn your head left and look underneith his head – it looks like an outline of a face!

  28. Anonymous says:

    You have the best collection of optical illusions, however, I can’t seem to locate where the correct answers are provided. Could someone please point me to the answers? Thanks in advance

  29. Anonymous says:

    The person pouring out water probably shouldn’t be there but someone’s imagination. Well I can see it but i don’t think the person who created it wanted to make it be a person pouring out water

  30. Anonymous says:

    does anyone see the crab claw in the forehead underneath the face of the man (when looking at it sideways).

  31. AuzzieHoilday07 says:

    I got…
    Clowns Feet-Whale
    Forehead-Face or USA
    Right Eye-Upside down snail.
    Shoulder-Dog Face Pointing Down
    Mouth & Nose-Bird
    White Part of Left Face-Shrew, pointing up
    White part of neck/Lower face-Lama

    Thats all I saw!

  32. Anonymous says:

    His hairline is a clown (black)
    His forehead is a man looking up (white)
    His right eye is an upside down snail (black)
    His right eye is a rodent (white)
    His mouth is a pheonix (black)
    Old man with cane left side of face (black)
    Neck llama (white)
    Florida in right hair (white) –also seen as a dolphin or whale
    Dog left shoulder (black)

    Look sideways at his shoulders, and you will see a woman in a bonnet kneeling in a dress. (black)

    I think the chin/beard could possibly be a sting ray…(black)

  33. Anonymous says:

    theres a face in white looking up on abe’s forehead

  34. Anonymous says:

    i see a llama, a snail, a rabbit, a man, and a dog.
    if turned sideways.

  35. tomivav says:

    this is sick. so many ppl see stuff that other do not. incredible.

  36. babywoody says:

    yea at the top of his head it looks like the united states

  37. Anonymous says:

    there’s a bird squirrel under his left eye. It’s RIGHT under it and it’s white. P.S. Cats are awesome.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Well, for me this illusion is like the “shapes of clouds” game. You’ll see what you want to see, and more if you try to actually see something…

  39. Anonymous says:

    hmm i can c a clown on the top right part of his hair, a snail upside down on his right eye, a birdy thing on his mouth, a wolf head on the left side of his neck and that is all i c

  40. Anonymous says:

    Where the lips meet there’s a man facing downward

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. Samantha says:

    My imagination might be going wild, but I see his hair like a dog…and a snail on his left eye…and a bird-like thing for his mouth…and a llama on his neck…and a horse for his collar thingy…and a mouse under hig right eye…and im sure his forehead means something cause of the dot there. My guess is its a face sideways…

  43. ... says:

    This is realy great!

  44. Reece says:


  45. alan says:

    i say that all the shapes are the states of the U.S ( i see Hawaii, Florida, California etc.)

  46. nobody says:

    if you look at the biggest white part of his face it looks like a…idk what those dogs are called like…snauzers or something? (porbably spelled wrong) spitting out a fireball (lol)

  47. me says:





  48. Charles Laidlaw says:

    the white bit on his face is another face

  49. cody says:

    his 4 head is a person at an angle

  50. MEL says:

    can anyone see the little white fish that is the space between the clown’s legs??

  51. alicia says:

    i can see a white fish as whell

  52. vegas adam says:

    i see a cat, a lama,a upside down u.s.a. in his forehead,a mouse in left cheek

  53. Monica says:

    I see a snail his right eye

  54. Zarith says:

    I see all seven, Here is a hint:
    There is a dog/wolf, on the bottum left. :)

  55. MrsAtticusMitchell says:

    in the shoulder i see angry birds lol

  56. whatever says:

    His hair is a DEAD clown

  57. Jay says:

    Left side of face: Africa
    Right cheek: Mouse
    Right shoulder: Dog/Wolf Head
    Left eye: Upside-down Snail
    Left shoulder/neck: Llama
    Mouth/nose: Bird of some sort
    Left side of beard: Statue of Liberty?

    Not sure if there’s any more but there’s something going on with the hair but it’s not ringing a bell.

    • carol says:

      If you turn him sideways to the right there is a side profile of a face in his hair,also a neckline.

  58. carol says:

    Also his hair is a clown.

  59. Trip says:

    his mouth is a sideways bird

  60. The Buttmuffin says:

    I see a clown snail vulture dog rabbit a crying person.

  61. Beedrill says:

    I see metapod. Why can’t it be a kakuna?!

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