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By on December 1, 2011, with 30 Comments

We feature a lot of chalk drawings here, but this one stands apart from the rest if only because it is the new Guinness World Record holder for largest chalk drawing. The creation by Joe and Max, was commissioned by Reebok to help promote their CrossFit sneakers (hence the brand name seen on the left side of the canyon above). The creation took a full week to complete (it rained most of the week) and stretches 1,160.4 square meters (3,807 square feet) and is 106.5 meters (345.5 feet) long. That’s a serious jump in size from the last Guinness Record holder for the title, Chinese artist Qi Xinghua’s Lions Gate Gorge, which stretched over 892 square meters.

A New World Record Breaking 3D Chalk Drawing by Reebok

Actors pose with gym equipment on what the Guinness World Records bills as the world’s largest 3D painting, at Canary Wharf in London (November, 2011)

A New World Record Breaking 3D Chalk Drawing by ReebokThis record-breaking drawing was created in London’s West India Quays, Canary Wharf, but even if you were in the city at the right time, the chances you got a glimpse of it are pretty slim…despite taking seven days to put up, it was removed the day after it was finished.

A New World Record Breaking 3D Chalk Drawing by Reebok


30 Responses
  1. Gabe says:

    I love this! post more :)

  2. Ken says:

    Your square footage measurement is inaccurate. It appears that you converted the metric area into feet as if it were a linear measurement. 1160.4 meters squared is roughly 12490 feet squared, while 1160.4 meters in length is equal to roughly 3807 feet. Using the math, 11 meters is not equal to 11 feet.

    • marailex says:

      really? who cares, it’s cool!

    • RaGu11 says:

      Ken, the math is correct. Area is measured in square ft, meters whatever. So it is 1160.4 SQUARE Meters, not 1160.4 Meters SQUARED. So the conversion is simply multiply meters by a 3.281 (appx ft per meter) to come up with the proper equivalent of 3807 square ft. (approximately)…

    • Moustache1020 says:

      No, actually Ken is right, to get the area is to multiply length by width. Therefore, you have to convert the length AND width from meters to feet before multiplying. You can’t simply convert m^2 into ft^2; it doesn’t work that way. He’s right; it is over 12000 square feet.

    • Stefan says:

      Ken has a fair point, if the length ratio is a:b, then the area ratio is a^2:b^2 (and volume is a^3:b^3) But maths aside, this feat is quite extraordinary… Wish I could have one in my hallway xD

    • kev says:

      Its Art not a technical drawing its to be percieved and not judged ! great work. I wonder if peaople would cus a childs picture because its not accurate. if you dont like it go draw your own !

    • Andrew says:

      Ken you knob, who really gives a rats arse? A decent person would say “wow, very good”, Not “You got ya ruler muggled up”. Now DO ONE!

    • GhOsT ID says:

      Ken isn’t complaining about the art that was done, he was simply pointing out that the person who did the math for the area covered did it incorrectly.

      It may be insignificant to most but 3000sqft vs 12000sqft(yes I rounded down) is a huge difference and goes to add even more to the amazing work that this artist has created. They did an amazing job and the amount of effort that went into it was huge. If anything Ken was showing his appreciation for the art by not undermining the work that went into this by saying it’s 25% of the area

  3. Dolphin says:

    Yay! Oh yes… I love 3D chalk drawings. This one is very cool, too. If this was real, the actors in the top one would have to be very hard-core to do that.
    Nice illusion!

  4. Melody says:

    Wow I wanna step on it and see what its like

  5. mycaricature says:

    All these chalk illusions are phenomenal!

  6. @Ken says:

    Wow! These are epic. Please post more :D.

  7. Why Me?! says:

    so cool! i love 3D chalk drawings! :)

  8. laura says:

    this reminds me somewhat of Legends of the Hidden Temple XD

  9. GEM says:

    I love 3d chalk drawings it would be difficult 2 draw and funny 2 walk on!! :D

  10. sexy chika2012 says:

    I f***in’ love it too!!!! It sucks for me because I can’t tell where the road is.

  11. David Blair says:

    Chalk Drawing Optical Illusions are probably my Favorite type of Optical Illusions. It is “Mind Blowing” what some of the Artists are able to do with just few pieces of chalk!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  12. Elmo says:

    i would be a little scared to walk on it lol

  13. eee efff geee says:

    hopefully it doesn’t rain…..

  14. Moustache1020 says:

    This things awesome! So much detail; and they captured the perspective perfectly. WoW.

  15. Ay-be-cee says:

    I love these chalk drawings!!

  16. Ay-be-cee says:

    Wow! I wish I made t! I would put it on the floor of my house and walk around and take pictures! That would be seriously cool!!

  17. Smartguy says:

    My favorite is the waterfall. It seems to be moving, which is amazing. I want to step on it. It must be amazing. I would pretend to fall down the “creevasse”. The guy standing on the so called “bridge” must feel safer than in the middle.


  18. owen says:

    one wall says reebok cross fit.the other has a hallway

  19. owen says:

    wait the reebok wall also has a hallway,but harder to see

  20. Joseph says:

    Some guy desided to bring yellow bars to it for some reason

  21. Anonymous says:

    So cool!!!!!! *faint*

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