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By on August 19, 2013, with 15 Comments

Here’s a real, unaltered Reuters photo from recent friendly match between France and Belgium. The guy in blue is French forward player called Mathieu Valbuena. Even though he’s one of the smallest players in elite European soccer (roughly at 5’6″), he’s not as small as it seems! In fact this guy is leaning way back, creating an optical illusion that makes him look less than four-feet tall. Amazing shot, wouldn’t you say so?

A Mind Blowing Photo Of Mathieu Valbuena Looking Absurdly Small


15 Responses

  2. Cesar Crash says:


  3. sad-hero says:

    lol .. what an amazing shot

  4. fixxbuxx says:

    This also could be explained by the fact that N°8 (MAROUANE FELLAINI) on the left side is 6’36″ and the guy on the right (VINCENT KOMPANY) is 6’23″…

  5. Random Person says:

    Cool you can actually see a shape of a head between the afro guy and the bold guy

  6. DJ Keiroz says:

    Very nice shot indeed. He really looks small. Regards from Brazil.

  7. Pikachu .-. says:

    Awesome its so funny how we see optical illusions

  8. Ron Callhoun says:

    What really helps to sell the illusion first is that his head is at the other guys waist and second The gentleman closest to him is eyeballing him like, “hey what the…”.

  9. Alia says:

    That’s awesome :3

  10. Brandon says:

    Actually, this photo has been scattered around the net and been exposed as a fraud. It’s fake. Personally, I saw it about the time that you did. A couple weeks ago. I did pixel measurements, and compared them to the known aspects of the people in the photo.

    No Matter The Orientation, with the given photo, he’s not laid back enough to be that small, and his feet are too small. On top of all that, compared to the guys behind him, he’s just not that friggin tiny. He’s small, but not that small. Given an hour or so, I could make a better forgery than this image. It’s really not that hard.

    • Lawrence Mayes says:

      Looks like a fake to me too. If he was leaning backwards the foreshortening would be entirely different from what we see here.
      Certainly not an optical illusion.

    • MorrisB says:

      I agree with the ‘fake’ assessment. So many individual features on his figure would not suffer the foreshortening such as his left arm and left foot and yet those are very short. If you compare his left foot with the left foot of the player behind – they are facing the camera similarly but his is 40% shorter Also with that amount of distortion the number “8″ would look distorted yet it appears ‘normal’ but small. Fake fake

  11. R M Booker says:

    That is really weird, and I haven’t quite worked it out yet – I assume it is to do with the angle at which he was when the picture was taken – but no distortion is immediately apparent – fun!

  12. YouAreEuropeanArentYouSo... says:


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