3D Person Room Illusion

G’day, my name is Josh, and I am a new co-editor of Mighty Optical Illusions. Over the coming weeks, you will see me posting some new illusions here. Some of your submissions will be forwarded to me or another co-editor, who will post it instead of Vurdlak. I enjoy optical illusions very much and am looking forward to adding some more new ones!

Now, on to the illusion. Paul Broomfield has sent this one in. We’ve had a few 3D Painted Room illusions before, and this one is also very cool. Paul: “I was inspired by a few things I saw on your site and got together with a friend to create a bar dedicated to optical illusions. We thought though that we had to do better. So here is a question, How many optical illusions are legal in one picture? Enjoy!”

Does anyone know who the 3D picture is of? Open up this article to view close-ups, and to see how it is made.

This post was written by Josh, our new co-editor. Please make him feel welcome, and be kind with your comments :) – Vurdlak

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  1. Welcome josh! gratz on getting the new co-editor. I really dont know who the pic is but its really cool how they did it. But u have to see it in the right angle.

  2. Cool! At first I was like “Okay…It’s a person…” But when I saw the other pics showing how it was really bent,it made me realise how cool this was! So i say again, cool. Also, Welcome Josh! I hope to see plenty more Optical Illusions, this is, after all, my favorite site. ^^

  3. Welcome Josh, hope you enjoy your new job ;)

    Nice first posting you’ve given us. This effect is really neat. Imagine decorating an entire room in this fashion…

  4. oh wow! really clever illusion! i dont no who it is though!
    btw, welcome Josh! =)

  5. i like it. i like it alot… the subject design. though it doesn’t really “hang” like some of the other stuff i’ve seen. perhaps if the image was extended onto the blinds and other stuff in the room it would have given it that transparent quality… it’s still cool though!

  6. Oay i see a person and that is it, But i do welcome you JOSH. and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i think its a videobeamer or an diapositive beamer cause of the shadowns on the windwos mark and the lighted areas on the t-shirt and the books. maybe blacklight…

  8. Welcome Josh!

    That’s not exactly something I would like to see everyday on my wall, but it is an awesome illusion nonetheless.

  9. The projected person is a painting by Salvador Dali named: “Portrait of my Dead Brother” from 1963.

  10. Few things I spotted in these pics.. (well, the second pic that’s a close up of the face) top left of the guy’s head, the blackness is a very rough phoenix wings and head/top half. The bottom left and bottom right has people holding spears or some long things (these can also be seen in the 4th pic, bottom right of it).
    Also top right of that close up pic, 3 people kneeling down, or doing some martial arts stance it seems (or just people low in some other stance!).
    Or maybe I’m just seeing things.

  11. Ooh, sorry for posting again, but after just posting I read the comment above about it being “Portrait of my Dead Brother” by Salvador Dali. I didn’t recognise the picture myself, so googled it. Those things I’ve mentioned are in the original.
    Still nice work, getting the angles right!

  12. amazing illusion…for those of you who were wondering, the inspiration of this piece is from Salvador Dali’s “Portrait of my Dead Brother.” Very hard to duplicate…GREAT JOB!!!

  13. Welcome, Josh!
    It looks like one of those “rocker tees” that my friend has, like on the Wal-Mart (?) commercial.

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