3D Painted Buildings – Murals

Today I’m giving you antoher set dedicated to wonderfull 3D building paintings, better known as murals. In the past Mighty Optical Illusions brought you “Murals”, “Toronto Building”, “Tunnelvision”
and “Murals 2”. You may also wanna check 3D Sidewalk Drawings 1, 2, 3 & 4. Enjoy it and don’t forget that every post has more pictures inside of it, you just have to click on it’s title. There are more pictures inside this post also. If you look at the image below it’s hard to believe it’s only a painting on a wall!

46 Replies to “3D Painted Buildings – Murals”

  1. I’m trying to locate these artists that produce these illusions for hire. Does anyone how I might get a hold of one of them?

  2. Now THESE are art!
    Much better than those stupid lines on the other post. I can’t believe the cities would allow those. But these are fantastic.

  3. That “Bucyrus” place must have used a WHOLE BUNCH OF PAINT!!!… I mean, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT TO THOSE PEOPLE!!!!! I love it!

  4. I’m thinking I would more than likely run into some of these walls if I wasn’t paying close attention! That’s amazing!

  5. AMAZING. I just noticed, the “Bucyrus” city thing is the same one as the 5th one down… you can see the paper boy in the middle there.

  6. The one where the man is drawing the town is really good but i bet loads of people have run into the wall!!!!

  7. Are there any Danny Phantom illusions on this site?


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