32 Qualified Soccer Balls

Everyone is eagerly waiting for World Cup 2006 to begin (3 more days!). In the mean-time here’s a post that will occupy you for a while, and hopefully shorten our waiting-time before WC starts. There are 32 Qualified Balls in this post and were decorated by bora-herke.de. I’m aware this isn’t your classical optical illusion, non the less it’s an assigment for you! Next to each ball, there’s a name of the country this particuallar ball represents. This already made your assignment lot easier! Here’s what I want you to do – post your comment why certain balls are decorated, the way they are. Please comment only one ball at the time (to give other visitors chance to participate). Since I’m from Croatia, I feel it’s my duty is to start with Croatia soccer ball. As you see it’s made from ties, and we all know (or don’t we?) that ties were originally invented and manufactured in Croatia. One solved, 31 to go. Start!

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  1. I’m guessing the Australia ball is representing the Aboriginal culture and the dot paintings they do.

    I think it looks awesome as do many of the others.

  2. The ball from South Korea, obviously due to their progressive technology.

    USA- jeans (from the land of Levi’s).

    Angola – their wild life.

    Brazil – their samba dancers.

  3. Well I’m an Aussie so I recognise that the Australian ball appears to be decorated with Aboriginal artwork who are our displaced indiginous people. Its nice I think!
    Very clever though!

  4. Sudkorea (South Korea).
    We’re very smart.
    Apparently good with numbers and such.
    Engineers up the wazoo.
    You know…make some phones, TVs, crappy cars, make some money…it’s all good.

  5. The USA ball is rather easy. Blue jeans as we know them today were pattented by two american men who came together to add a metal rivet to the stress points. These two men being Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis.

  6. Yeah, and this one from Serbia & Montenegro (just Serbia now :) is decorated with one of the most beautiful fresco-murals ever, called White Angel.

  7. The Japan and USA ones weren’t too hard to guess, but I’d never have gotten the Sweden one although I happen to be from there. :-J Fun stuff!

  8. iranian “carpet designed ball” is an interesting idea that i could have never imagined
    what could have been turkish ball design? i really wondered about
    i wish we were at germany, last worldcup will be a worldcup that we would narrate stories and fables to our grandchilds. as it seems to me last worldcup is such a fantastic thing that could happen for every 50 years once in a life-time
    i feel myself historically lucky as a turkish man.

  9. I’m really quite diturbed to see that the England ball seems to be made up from tabloid newspaper headlines. Is that really what we’re known for?

  10. the argentinean one is made of leather??? that should be something we are known for…
    but so it seems the italian one…

  11. hmm…well trinbago is caribbean, green up the wazoo so it’s either a banana or a palm. trini isn’t a banana republic though…we’re more known for sugarcane (or were) and steelpan…the ball should have been steelpan designed…

  12. Here are my guesses. I’m not going to touch on the ones that people have already mentioned:

    1.) Paraguay – Famous for their lace.
    2.) Croatia – Famous for their silk ties.
    3.) Ghana – Known for its coffee exportation.
    4.) German – Maybe because its known for wood-working? Small wooden toys? That sort of thing.
    5.) Brazil – The feathers represent the Kayapo Indian headdresses made from parrot feathers.
    6.) Tunesia – Known for its elaborate ceramic tiles.
    7.) Saudi Arabia – Gold, because it mines a lot of gold.
    8.) Ukraine – Famous Ukrainian embroidery.

    That’s all I got.

  13. Paraguay – lace?

    USA – jeans

    England – newspaper

    Polen – sheet music

    Angola – leopard

    Portugal – sand

    Costa rica – coffee bags

    Japan – anime

    Iran – carpet

    Saudi arabia – gold


  14. Ghana is Aluminium cans because it has the largest supplies of Bauxite, the ore of aluminium, in the world

    Togo is known for its elaborate textile work, i.e. batiks.

  15. Ok so the Australian ball represents the Aboriginal people of our country. Now what about the other 98% of us who arn’t Aborigionals?

  16. The Portuguese ball, is made by, don´t no the word, but i think it´s “cork oak” it´s something that you extract from the trees, from de outside, to make, for exemple the things to put in the top of the botlles of wine. It´s the product that we export more.

  17. Poland’s ball is covered in Chopin’s sheet music. Nice.
    Ecuador’s ball looks like the ponchos that everyone who goes there brings home…

  18. The Ecuador ball is made of wool, dyed in a typical ‘andino’ pattern.

    Trinidad & Tobago’s ball is made undoubtedly of banana leaves.

    The Brazil one is for it’s colorful samba dancers.

    Costa Rica’s is made of Coffee bean bags.

    I can’t figure out Mexico Though =/

  19. Great! here are my guesses
    Trinidad y Tobago – banana leaves
    USA – jeans
    England – The Sun?
    Portugal – Cork
    Angola – cheetah
    Ecuador – traditional cloth
    Argentina – Leather
    Brazil – Amazonian birds
    Costa Rica – Bean bags
    Japan – manga
    Iran – a rug
    Sudkorea – tecnology


  21. Here are my answers (for a couple that haven’t been touched yet)

    Holland/Netherlands- Paintings of famous Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer. I recognize the paintings “Milkmaid” and “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

    Spain – Pattern that can be seen on Flamenco Dresses

    Czech Republic – Writings of famous Jewish author who lived in Prague, Franz Kafka.

    Swizerland – Known for the Alps and other beautiful scenery.

    Germany – The wood would most likely be for the timber industry, Black Forrest, woodworking, half-timbered houses, and the like. I doubt it has anything to do with wooden shoes (that would be Holland).

  22. I like how the Australian ball utilises an appropriation of the Aboriginal paintings! Its quite artistic and suprising considering that the opera house, harbour bridge, etc cliches could’ve been used.

  23. Ausie said:
    ausie on 2:26 AM
    Ok so the Australian ball represents the Aboriginal people of our country. Now what about the other 98% of us who arn’t Aborigionals? [sic]

    Piss of back to your own country then. Oh and by the way there’s two ‘s” in aussie, c’mon.

  24. the dutch one is the lady and the water pitcher…a painting by jan vermeer.

    wow, can tbeleive i knew that =)

    hup holland!

  25. England is covered in print articles because outside of england they are most notorious for the Brittish Tabloids.

  26. I’m from mexico and as well as Keeks I doesnt feel related to the theme on the ball.

    good job and another thing: what is the argentina ball about?

  27. Trinidad & Tobago – palm leaves
    Paraguay – canvas and lace?
    Spain – flowers
    USA – ripped Levi’s jeans
    Serbia & Montenegro – mural
    Tschechien – Arabic handwriting
    Australia – Aboriginal artwork
    Elfenbeinkuste – rug?
    England – newspaper
    Netherlands – milk and bread?
    Poland – sheet music
    Togo – African tribe patchwork quilt?
    Ukraine – flowers and lace
    Croatia – textiles?
    Angola – leopard skin?
    Portugal – clay?
    Ecuador – blanket
    Sweden – Ikea catalog
    Italy – studded leather
    Ghana – coffee
    Switzerland – Alps
    Mexico – wildflowers
    Argentina – coal?
    Brazil – lit plants and fur?
    France – fashion
    Germany – wood
    Costa Rica – burlap bag
    Tunisia – African art
    Japan – comic books
    Iran – Persian rug
    Saudi Arabia – sand
    South Korea – electronics

  28. England – Fish and Chips wrapped in newspaper (used to taste so much better!) Or it could be our huge Media presence or maybe the stereotypical Bowler Hat, cane and Broadsheet newspaper under the arm.

  29. Folks, if you note that tha bag from Costa Rica has CR next to each other. That is for SUGAR – in spanish SUCRE.

  30. Is the czech ball related to Kafka? Well I know, that the Czech republic is in the world probably mainly known for Kafka’s writing. But we (czechs) have only a little relation to Kafka. Actually the “foreigners” know his piece much better than we do…
    Anyway congratulations, the balls look great :)

  31. The Czech ball should be pivo… beer to the rest of the world. Czech Republic – largest beer consumtion in the world. Now pass a Gambrinus!!!

  32. It’s nice to see that we Americans aren’t the only ones ignorant about geography, languages and world commerce. Oh, and to the defensive Aussie… would you feel better if your ball were covered with Paul Hogan’s face or Fosters labels or crocodile skin or how about Koala fur?… Just roll with it! Nice balls!

  33. o i get it! there all soccerballs!

    mark another 1 down 4 i no everything

    ( 4 future refrences,im kidding)

  34. well…im from portugal so i SHOULD know this….im pretty SURE its either sand(HELLO ISLANDS)OR cork(SUPER WINE PRODECERS)i mean, what else closes up wine bottles?


    my point made…

  36. i don’t really agree with the ukrainian one. Yes, the embroidery is similar, but it’s not very common:( But otherwise – every ball is great!

  37. England – Tabloid Newspapers
    U.S.A – Denim
    Paraguay – Lace
    Poland – Sheet Music
    Angola – Leopard skin
    Portugal – Cork
    Costa Rica – Coffee Bags
    Japan – Manga Anime
    Iran – Persian Carpets
    Saudi Arabia – Gold
    Australia – Aboriginal Art
    Sweden – Ikea Catalogue
    Serbia & Montenegro – White Angel
    Trinidad & Tobago – palm leaves
    Paraguay – canvas and lace?
    Spain – flowers
    Netherlands –
    Togo – African tribe patchwork quilt
    Ukraine – Flowers and Lace
    Croatia – Ties
    Ecuador – Blanket
    Italy – Studded Leather
    Ghana – Coffee
    Switzerland – Alps
    Mexico – Wildflowers
    Argentina – Coal
    Brazil – Carnival Costumes
    France – Fashion
    Germany – Wood
    Tunisia – African Art
    South Korea – Electronics

  38. the portuguese ball is made of cork.
    Portugal is a small country, but it has the highest cork production in the whole world.
    By the way, do you know port wine? it is originally made in Porto, in Portugal (not in australia or somewhere else in the world…). Port is served as a starter or at the end of the meal, not as a table wine.

    about the pictures they’re good.
    By the way we were in 4th place in Germany’s World Cup 2006!

  39. ok here r my guesse!
    England – Tabloid Newspapers
    U.S.A – Denim
    Paraguay – Lace
    Poland – Sheet Music
    Angola – Leopard skin
    Portugal – Cork
    Costa Rica – Coffee Bags
    Japan – Manga Anime
    Iran – Persian Carpets
    Saudi Arabia – Gold
    Australia – Aboriginal Art
    Sweden – Ikea Catalogue
    Serbia & Montenegro – White Angel
    Trinidad & Tobago – palm leaves
    Paraguay – canvas and lace?
    Spain – flowers
    Netherlands –
    Togo – African tribe patchwork quilt
    Ukraine – Flowers and Lace
    Croatia – Ties
    Ecuador – Blanket
    Italy – Studded Leather
    Ghana – Coffee
    Switzerland – Alps
    Mexico – Wildflowers
    Argentina – Coal
    Brazil – Carnival Costumes
    France – Fashion
    Germany – Wood
    Tunisia – African Art
    South Korea – Electronics
    ok thats all i have not good enough? too bad!!!!

  40. “Tori

    on 10:37 AM
    I love jeans, but is that really what out country is known for? It would have been better to put the flag or statue of liberty because I think we are more known for freedom and liberty. All well, other countries don’t seem to be represented too well either, as ausie, Sasha, Keeks, emily, and many others stated. And ding chow, Ewww! BTW Aussie, if only 2% of the population is represented, then it isn’t a very good job, now is it? Nothing aganist Aborigionals, I just think the ball should represent the majority. Not that I kow what it is, as I’m not a aussie. AND Californian, I know geography and world commerce! AND I’M ONLY 13! Doesn’t everyone? Its not that hard to know where countries are! Being American doesn’t equal ignorance as most people think, thats just the other political party (Which shall remaine nameless for now for I don’t which to start an argument just because I’m hot-headed). Sorry if I have insultated anyone, and bye!

    If you think America should be known for its freedom and liberty then look at its human rights record!!!!

  41. I know the Japan one!!!
    It’s kinda too easy, but I know it!
    It’s anime on the soccer ball, and Anime is Japanese (duh!) I know, that’s really easy..but I love anime, so I was like, OMG!

  42. Yep, Poland is music…probably becuase there are a number of composers/musicians from there.
    (the first one who comes to my mind is one of my absolute favourites: Chopin.)

  43. The soccer ball for Italy is made from tires,since they have Ferrari, etc. and they love racing cars.

  44. Netherlands: “Het Melkmeisje” (“The Milkmaid”) from Johannes Vermeer
    and other Dutch well-known paintings (in holland)

  45. You know, I think mr one-S ‘Ausie’ has a point… kind of.

    Why does EVERYTHING that is meant to represent Australia have Aboriginal art all over it?

    We “Aussies” have treated the Aborigines terribly for hundreds of years. Many of them still live in poverty.

    The art on the ball was STOLEN. It does not represent Australian culture- not anymore

  46. Darlin’ Karen, the whole thing is written in German. So, no, in English it’s not australien.

    Love our English one! Chippy all the way! What if they did some of the city teams like this? I know what Sheffield would be (my hometown)! STEEL! Yahooza, imagane bootin that!

  47. The Netherland one is a painting that represented the humble and boring life of the Protestants before they traveled to the Americas.

  48. Im australian and i dun have a problem with having aboriginal art representing us, they are the true custodans of this land and also we were the ones that invaded thier space so i think you should treat them with the respect they deserve. Australia is a multicultural country so its hard to find ONE thing that represents us so why not be the native people that do?

  49. LoL The Italian one looks like the most dangerous! xD (I’m Italian)
    But wtf, I want the Japanese oneeee!! ç___________ç

  50. i myself am german. all people here said for the german ball tha it’s standing for wood or sth. like that, but i think it’s standing fot the german oak tree that is on our coins, too.
    i’m wondering if germany really is known for wooden toys… i don’t think so.

  51. Apparently a lot of you know nothing of brazil ¬¬’.
    Well, these are the brazilian colors (blue, yellow and green), and also the colors of the brazilian macaw, which explains the feathers. Samba dancers dance in usual street clothes, except in carnival, where they dress the costumes, which not always involves feathers. Someone said it could represent the Kayapo tribe, and it’s possible, but it’s a small tribe, and I’m not even sure if they have feathers in their usual garment.

  52. the bloody australian one’s indigenous art! that’s exploitation, plus, it doesn’t show our underlying racist values (cronulla, anyone?)

  53. It’s that easy, each ball represents the country. Whatever the country is famous for,they designed their ball that way

  54. Well I’m German and I just don’t understand why our ball looks as wood… Is Germany famous for wood??? That’s strange…
    I don’t think that’s because of clogs because we usually wear other shoes…

  55. i’m italian and i belive that our ball it’s cover whit beedes, you know because we are famouse about fashion and sparkeling thig!


  57. for everyone that doesn’t know, they’re not spelling mistakes. who ever wrote this is german. deutchland, frankereich, all german for germany and france.

  58. aww. I thought i was the first one to say sumthn bout japan being anime and manga. o wel. the japanese ppl at the local japanese restraunts kudnt tel ya crap about anime manga. let alone they know what the heck it is. whcih they dont.

  59. The Dutch one is because of the famous painting ‘Het melkmeisje van Vermeer’, painted by Johannes Vermeer. In English known as ‘The girl with the pearl earring’. They made a movie about it.

  60. Paraguay is aopo’i. It’s a form of lace, I guess, but it’s very traditional. It was started by the Guarani natives I believe, and it’s backed by a legend of a girl, who on a walk with her parents, got lost. She was turned into a spider for the night so she could survive, and when she turned back to human form she remembered how to make webs. And that’s that.

    1. “wrote a bunch of popular classical songs”? Your an idiot. He is a classical composer, you should look him up rather than insult him with your ignorant comment.

  61. The Australien ball shows some aboriginal artwork, created by the Aboriginies. The Aboriginies were a group of people who originated in Australia with a very unique, non-modern culture.

  62. Frankreich, Italian, and Saudi-Arabian are the best balls. Ha, the sounds funny. The Usa 1 is creative,though .

  63. Are there any other American’s slightly ashamed that other countries have beautiful and necessary things to offer and we have LEVI’s?

  64. Paraguay: known for their Nanduti lace
    I feel proud that I actually knew Paraguay! Which have something to do with the fact that I just moved here

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