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By on December 22, 2007, with 37 Comments

Many interesting things happened to me this week, as well as to this website. I didn’t post new illusion yesterday and day before, but I assure you new illusion will again be posted every day. If you noticed, last week we passed 13 million unique visitors count (located at the bottom of this website). The number speaks for it self, and I believe that now after almost 2 years of being online, and daily updates, we can safely tell this is the biggest and most popular optical illusion website on the internet. Anyone disagrees? Hope not :) I found these three “animations” on my hard drive, and posted them all together to this article. Remember, images you see below are completely static (frozen), but they appear to move. Would be cool if they could trick those surveillance cameras that are triggered by movement. Those would never stop filming! Lol!

3 Moving Patterns Optical Illusion
3 Moving Patterns Optical Illusion
3 Moving Patterns Optical Illusion


37 Responses
  1. Corey says:

    woah, the first one is really cool..


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been an “anonymous” use here for a while, and I do agree that this is the best optical illusion site i’ve found on the internet. Congrats, Vurdlak!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i agree with anonymous 2, this is the best and most consistent optical illusions website i have found on the net. Kudos!! [:

  4. Cam says:

    I like the first one best.

  5. Anna says:

    I can’t get the second one…can anyone explain please?

  6. Cowtipper says:

    Keep up the great work!!!
    I have a link on my homepage and am constantly checking out the new stuff you have posted.
    The first moving illusion is the best it looked like it was really moving! The other 2 didn’t look like they were doing much…or maybe my eyes and head is just hurting too much from the first one.
    Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday (got to be pc these days right?) and a Happy New Year…Is that still okay to say???

  7. ur reflection says:

    Wow!! I love illusions like this!



    it’s spinning!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m also anonymous, but have the rss feed, best optical illusion site on the net, hell yeah!

  9. Maxi says:

    I must be crazy, but I don’t see the second two moving at all. And even the best optical illlusions that look like they are moving would not trigger a motion-sensitive camera, because they aren’t really moving, it’s just our eyes. Congratulations on being the biggest optical website on the net, I agree, most of the illusions on the site are great!

  10. Leguan says:

    The top one is the best. If you keep looking to the left and then back at the image it keeps moving even more. The other two didn’t do much for me, sorry.

  11. Jose says:

    I agree that this site is the best in optical illusions; but you said you found these images in your hard drive…hmmm , just two days ago I found the same in http://opticalillusion,wordpress.com and there refered to H.J. Verwall as the artist.I think is just to name both.
    Congratulions for the nice post everyday.

  12. RandomBlood says:


    okay sry lol. I was sugar high for a sec. Any way this illusion is pretty awesome though :D

  13. beautifulone says:

    The second one didn’t move for me. If I squinted my eyes, I could almost pretend that it was moving, but it wasn’t like the first and the third.

  14. wandering_goat says:

    Wow. That purple one is perhaps the greatest “fake movement” illusion I’ve ever seen. It just doesn’t stop! Amazing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    the first one made me just stare at it for like 20 seconds and think “whoa” for about 10 seconds. lol. then i had an outer body experience.. whoa, haha

  16. pacman99 says:

    The first one is weird, it hurts my eyes…..But the second and third dont work 4 me. Anyway congrats on reaching 13,000,000.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i can see thw 1st and 3rd ones moving but not the 2nd

  18. anonymouse says:

    the best site, of course it is!

    merry crimbo you lot!

  19. Trebbien says:

    The first one is REALLY cool, the second one gave no effect (Weird) the third one, no effect i was like confused about the intro saying: “They all appear to move” if i could answer (Other way than this) i would say “You mean, the first one appears to move, unless you focus on the picture.”
    But i will say this website is great! Nice job Vurdlak ^^

  20. Anonymous says:

    i cant see the middle one move am i the only one????

  21. Anonymous says:

    i love this webste. btw ppl, check out mighty flixs, you’ll like it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    These are pretty cool! Has anyone ever taken a survey or done a study about which way a person sees the movement? I mean – clockwise vs. counter-clockwise?

    I see the middle clockwise & the bottom counter clockwise.

    Anyway, just my two cents! :)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think these are kinda hard to see

  24. Walt says:

    Thanks for including my optical illusion on your page (the purple and green one).

    Please acknowledge my copyright (Optical Illusion created by Walt) and add a link back to my site.

    Have a great day!

  25. Tok Kong says:

    They are all so beautiful that I don’t know whichis the best!

  26. Nick says:

    wow that is awesome!!!!!!
    and this is the best optical illusion website.

  27. naph says:

    The first one is crazy good

  28. Nemanja Curcic says:

    Crazy !

  29. Blain_Bieber says:

    The 1st one is the only 1 that looks like its moving

  30. Christian Verano says:

    all of them are moving
    1st is very obvious
    2nd if you look from left to right(vice-versa)
    3rd.. you can see it move obviously

  31. andrew says:


  32. weird chick who posts comments on illusions says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! that was intense!!

  33. kristen says:

    the first one is great but i cant see the 2nd one moving..the 3rd i can only see it moving really slow

  34. Found the Green/Purple image to be the most intense. Excellent visual effects.

  35. emsillusionist says:

    the first one is great..but have u tried to stop its illusion? try to focus in the center of it so you could stop it from (seemingly) moving…lolz

  36. kat says:

    best optical illusion ever!

  37. Caleb says:

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